Kimono, furisode, homongi, retro, yukata, each recommendation and how to choose

A kimono experience in Kyoto will be a special memory for everyone who visits. However, it is not easy to choose the one that suits you from the wide range of choices such as kimono, long-sleeved kimono, homongi, retro style, and yukata. As someone who works at the Kyoto rental shop “Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine”, I will introduce the characteristics of each style and tips on how to choose one. This guide will help you choose the perfect outfit for your visit to Kyoto.

How to choose a kimono

– Kimono is a traditional Japanese costume that expresses the beauty of each season. When walking around Kyoto, it is important to choose colors and patterns that match the season. Choose a kimono that evokes a sense of the season, such as cherry blossoms for spring, yukata for summer, autumn leaves for autumn, and snowflakes for winter.


– Furisode is a gorgeous kimono worn on special occasions such as coming-of-age ceremonies and weddings. Renting a long-sleeved kimono in Kyoto is recommended for special occasions such as graduation trips and commemorative photos. Choose an eye-catching outfit with bright colors and luxurious patterns.


– Homongi is a kimono suitable for formal occasions, and although it is not as flashy as furisode, it is suitable for those looking for an elegant and calm look. Ideal for a slightly more formal occasion such as a tea ceremony or cherry blossom viewing.


– Many retro-style kimonos are inspired by designs from the early Showa era, giving them a modern yet nostalgic feel. Look for an outfit that blends in with Kyoto’s streets lined with old townhouses.


– Yukata is a lightweight costume perfect for summer in Kyoto. It’s perfect for the Gion Festival or strolling on a summer night, and the key is to choose cool colors and patterns. It is also easy to wear, even for beginners.

Recommendations and how to choose each style

At Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine Store, we have all of these styles and will provide advice tailored to your purpose of visit and preferences. In particular, retro styles and yukatas are popular choices among young people, offering a fresh look in Kyoto’s historic landscape. Homongi and long-sleeved kimono are also suitable for visiting more formal places and for special anniversaries. Kimonos can be enjoyed throughout the year, so it is important to choose them according to the season and occasion you are visiting.

Tips on how to choose

– Be clear about your purpose: Choose your style according to the place or event you’re visiting. Yukata and casual kimono are suitable for casual walks, while homongi and furisode are suitable for formal occasions.


– Choose the right size for your body type: It is important that your kimono fits your body type. Consult with the staff at the rental shop and choose the right size kimono for you.


– Arrange with accessories and small items: Enjoy your own style with accessories such as obi-jime, obi-age, sandals, and bags. Especially in the case of retro style, incorporating modern accessories will complete a unique coordination.


– Colors and patterns give a sense of the seasons: Spring, summer, fall and winter, Kyoto has its beauty in each season. By choosing colors and patterns that express the sense of the season, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the season even more.


Kimono experience in Kyoto is sure to enrich your trip. “Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine Store” offers a rich lineup to meet a variety of needs, from kimonos to long-sleeved kimonos, homongi, retro styles, and yukatas. We hope this article helped you find the perfect outfit for Kyoto. Enjoy a special time wearing traditional costumes that decorate the streets of Kyoto.


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