Familiar with tourism posters! Let’s go to Tatsumi Bridge in Kyoto!


If you want to rent a kimono and take a walk in Kyoto, we recommend Tatsumi Bridge, which is well-known on tourist posters. Here, we will introduce the charms of Tatsumi Bridge and ways to enjoy the surrounding area. If you visit in a kimono, you can enjoy a special stroll while feeling the atmosphere and history of Kyoto.

The history and atmosphere of Tatsumi Bridge: its importance as a symbol of Kyoto

Tatsumi Bridge is located in the center of Kyoto and has a long history. Not only is the bridge itself beautiful, but the surrounding area is surrounded by old townscapes and historical buildings, making it an important symbol of Kyoto. By renting a kimono and walking around, you can get a better sense of the history and atmosphere of the bridge.

How to cross a bridge in kimono: A special moment to enjoy in kimono

Tatsumi Bridge offers a unique view of Kyoto, so crossing the bridge in a kimono is a special experience. The moment you cross the bridge wearing a rental kimono is a luxurious experience that looks like something you’d see on a tourist poster. It will attract the attention of people passing by and make your day special.

Seasonal scenery seen from the bridge: Enjoy the beauty of each season

From Tatsumi Bridge, you can see the beautiful scenery of each season. The cherry blossom trees are in full bloom during the cherry blossom season, and the view from the bridge becomes even more beautiful during the fall foliage season. By walking around wearing a kimono, you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of each season.

Traditional teahouses and souvenir shops nearby: stylish cafes and art too

Traditional teahouses and souvenir shops are dotted around Tatsumi Bridge. By wearing a rental kimono, you can easily stop by stylish cafes and art galleries, and enjoy not only sightseeing but also taking a break and picking up souvenirs. The Tatsumibashi area is also a spot where you can experience various cultures and art while walking.

Night illumination and night view: Enjoy the fantastic atmosphere

Tatsumi Bridge is lit up at night, creating a magical atmosphere. Especially on summer nights, you can enjoy the night view. If you visit Tatsumi Bridge at night wearing a kimono, you will experience an even more romantic atmosphere.



If you want to rent a kimono and take a walk in Kyoto, Tatsumi Bridge is a must-visit spot. Wear a kimono and enjoy this bridge that combines history and beauty from a special perspective.


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