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We would like to introduce rental shops that we wholeheartedly recommend for people who want to fully experience the charm of Kyoto while renting yukata with cost-effectiveness in mind. In this article, we will pick up rental shops that can maximize cost-effectiveness, and aim to help you discover new charms of walking around Kyoto. In particular, we have carefully selected and introduced recommended stores, including “Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine Store”. We will provide advice based on our knowledge and experience to make your Kyoto stroll even more special.

The appeal of yukata rental in Kyoto

Speaking of Kyoto, the charm of the cityscape is that it retains the atmosphere of the ancient capital. Especially during periods such as the Gion Festival in the summer, it is common to stroll around this historic city wearing a yukata. By wearing a yukata, you will not only be able to just walk around, but you will also be able to interact with nature and the culture and traditions of Kyoto, increasing the value of your travel experience.

Conditions for rental shops to choose based on cost performance

– Wide variety of products: A variety of designs and sizes are available.
– Easy access: Close to major tourist destinations, saving travel time.
– Variety of rental plans: Plans tailored to your needs, from short periods to longer than one day.
– Full range of additional options: Enjoy total coordination, including hair styling and accessory rental.
– Staff response: Professional, kind and courteous service.

Recommended rental shop

Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine store

This shop is located right next to Kyoto’s famous Yasaka Shrine, and its easy access is appealing. You can find the perfect one for you from a wide variety of yukata designs. Another good point is that you can get a kimono dressing service by professional staff, which requires reservations and no waiting time. We offer a high quality yukata experience at a reasonable price.

Kyoto Yukata Museum

Although it is centrally located, you can enjoy choosing your yukata in a quiet environment. This store is especially rich in variety of designs, and boasts a lineup that will satisfy everyone from young people to the elderly.

Ancient capital kimono

This is a rental shop that specializes in traditional Japanese clothing, and is recommended for those who are looking for something authentic. You can experience an authentic kimono with high quality and reasonable pricing. We also offer a wide range of services tailored to tourists, such as individual styling advice and photo spot recommendations.

Beautiful yukata

This rental shop is popular among young women and has a large selection of yukatas that incorporate the latest trends. We pay special attention to the materials and comfort so that you can spend all day comfortably, and we offer a lineup that is perfect for walking around Kyoto in the summer. You can also rent hair sets and accessories as an option, allowing you to enjoy a total coordination experience.

Points for choosing a rental shop

When choosing a rental shop, it is a good idea to keep the following points in mind.


– Location and access: Considering ease of access from tourist spots will help save travel time.
– Is there a reservation system? If reservations are possible, waiting time can be reduced.
– Reviews and ratings: Judge the quality of the service by referring to the voices of people who have actually used it.
– Price and plan details: Check whether the plan offers a good value for money and whether there are any additional costs.


Renting a yukata in Kyoto is a wonderful opportunity to not only enjoy the scenery of the ancient capital, but also to experience a Japanese summer tradition. If cost performance is important to you, we recommend the rental shops introduced here, including Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine Store. Understanding the characteristics of each store and choosing the one that best suits you will be the first step to an unforgettable stroll through Kyoto. Enjoy the best yukata experience while considering the balance between quality, price, and service.


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