Fashionable everywhere you look! Gion Shinbashi is a picturesque spot

If you want to rent a kimono and walk around Kyoto, we recommend Gion Shinbashi as a stylish spot. Here we will introduce the charms of Gion Shinbashi and points to consider when visiting for kimono rental. Why not enjoy a special stroll through the stylish streets and wearing a kimono?

Location and access of Gion Shinbashi, the center of the stylish cityscape

Gion Shinbashi is located in the center of Kyoto and has a stylish streetscape. If you want to rent a kimono and visit, it is conveniently accessible from the main tourist areas of Kyoto. By walking around, you can enjoy the area, which is dotted with stylish cafes and shops.

Fusion of tradition and modernity: Gion Shinbashi architecture and design

Gion Shinbashi is also an area where traditional architecture and modern design are perfectly fused. A spot where you can enjoy a breath of fresh air while still retaining the atmosphere unique to the ancient capital. By walking around wearing a kimono, you can feel the exquisite atmosphere where tradition and modernity intertwine.

Stylish cafes and restaurants: Luxurious moments in kimono

There are many stylish cafes and restaurants around Gion Shinbashi. Renting a kimono makes it feel even more special, and makes dining and resting in a stylish space even more enjoyable. Enjoy a luxurious time in a stylish area.

A beautiful riverside promenade: a place where nature and fashion come together

There are beautiful riverside promenades around Gion Shinbashi. This is a place where nature and a stylish atmosphere are in harmony, and you can enjoy a special stroll by wearing a kimono. Enjoy the exquisite coordination that matches the sound of the river and the texture of the kimono.

The path of Geisha and Maiko: an opportunity to experience traditional culture

Gion Shinbashi is also known as a passageway for geisha and geisha. Walking in kimono provides a valuable opportunity to experience traditional culture. By walking around stylish spots and feeling the traditions of Kyoto, you can spend an even more special time.



A kimono walk in Gion Shinbashi is full of stylish spots that will make you look picturesque no matter where you look. Come rent a kimono and enjoy Gion Shinbashi to your heart’s content, where tradition and fashion coexist.


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