Recommended ways to wear and coordinate a lace kimono at Kyoto Kimono Rental

A kimono rental service will make your stroll in Kyoto an even more special experience. Among them, lace kimonos are loved by many visitors for their unique designs and sophisticated beauty. In this article, we will introduce the charm of lace kimonos, recommended ways to wear them, and how to coordinate them. As someone who works at a rental shop in Kyoto, I would like to share some tips on how to enjoy lace kimono more beautifully and comfortably. Why not make yourself stand out even more with a lace kimono while enjoying the elegant streets of Kyoto?

Charm of lace kimono

Lace kimono has a new charm created by adding modern lace material to the beauty of traditional kimono. It has good breathability and is light and comfortable to wear, allowing you to stay comfortable even in the hot summer months of Kyoto. Another appeal is that the delicate sheerness of the lace brings out your femininity.

Recommended ways to wear

Simple underwear selection

In order to take advantage of the sheerness of a lace kimono, it is important to choose underwear. Choose one with a simple design, such as skin color or white.

Thinking about shades

Since the lace kimono itself will be the focal point, choosing accessories in muted colors will improve the overall balance. It is especially beautiful when the obi, sandals, and bag match the color of the kimono to create a unified look.

Accentuate with accessories

Although it is simple, adding small accessories around the ears and neck gives it a sophisticated look. However, be careful not to wear anything too flashy as this will spoil the delicateness of the lace.

Coordination example

– Summer stroll outfit: Pair a white kimono with blue or pink lace with a light colored obi for a refreshing look. Choose white or beige zori sandals and pack bags in similar colors to keep yourself cool while strolling through Kyoto in the summer.


– Modern date outfit: Pair a black or navy lace kimono with a silver or gold obi for a more modern and mature look. Choose accessories that are simple but have a presence, and create an outfit suitable for a special date.


A lace kimono is a great option to enjoy exploring Kyoto in style and comfort. By combining the charm of traditional kimono with the beauty of modern lace, you can experience Kyoto in a different way. When choosing a lace kimono, choose the design and color that best suits the season, the place you’re visiting, and your personal style. The staff at the rental shop will be happy to give you advice on choosing a kimono that suits you and how to wear it, so please feel free to ask.


Also, when walking around the streets of Kyoto, it is important to choose accessories that bring out the beauty of the lace kimono. Choosing understated yet classy accessories and bags will give you a more sophisticated look, and don’t forget to make sure you’re comfortable. For example, on days when the sun is strong, carrying a stylish parasol will protect you from sunburn and add even more elegance to your outfit.


Walking around Kyoto in a lace kimono is sure to be a special memory for you. By combining the atmosphere of the ancient capital of Kyoto with the sophisticated beauty of lace kimonos, you will feel as if you have stepped into another world. Why not take this opportunity to try something a little different from your usual experience? Choose a recommended lace kimono from our rental shop, and enjoy a wonderful day walking through the streets of Kyoto and enjoying the beautiful scenery.


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