Introducing the basics of payment, advance payment, online payment, etc. at Kyoto Kimono Rental Shop

Kimono and yukata rentals will make your stroll in Kyoto an even more special experience. In order to enjoy its charm to the fullest, it is important to proceed smoothly with the payment method at the rental shop.
In this article, we will introduce various options in an easy-to-understand manner, from the basics of payment at kimono rental shops in Kyoto to advance payment and online payment. Please take advantage of this information to make rental payments smoother and more convenient.

Basics of payment methods

The basic payment method for renting a kimono or yukata is to pay directly at the store.
In addition to cash, many rental shops also accept credit cards and electronic money. In addition to the rental fee, there may be insurance fees and optional fees (hair styling, accessory rental, etc.), so we recommend checking the shop’s website in advance.

Advantages of advance payment

Recently, an increasing number of shops are offering advance payment options where you can complete the payment at the same time as making the rental reservation online before your visit.
The biggest advantage of paying in advance is that it speeds up the procedure on the day. Since you pay in advance, you can reduce the amount of time you spend waiting for payment at the store, giving you more time to explore. Also, since you can know the fees in advance, it becomes easier to manage your budget.

Convenience of online payment

WEB payment is a form of advance payment and is characterized by the fact that it can be easily paid from a smartphone or computer. In addition to credit cards, various payment services such as PayPay and LINE Pay can be used in many cases, and in some cases, you can use them for free.
Also, by using online payment, you may be able to receive point rewards and discount campaigns, so you may be able to enjoy rentals at even better prices.

Notes and recommendations

When choosing a payment method for kimono rental, please keep the following points in mind.
First of all, not all payment methods are accepted at all rental shops, so it is important to check in advance. It is also important to check the cancellation policy. In the case of advance payment or online payment, refund conditions in the event of cancellation may differ, so we recommend that you carefully read and understand the shop’s terms and conditions before making a reservation.
Additionally, there are special plans depending on seasons and events. There may be rental plans available at special prices tailored to specific times or events, so it is essential to check the website.

Recommended kimono and yukata for walking around Kyoto

When walking around Kyoto, we recommend wearing different types of kimono and yukata depending on the season.
In spring, a pale pink inspired by cherry blossoms, and in the season when fresh greenery is beautiful, a refreshing green kimono will look great. In the summer, a cool yukata is perfect, and in the fall, a warm-colored kimono reminiscent of autumn leaves is perfect. In winter, you can enjoy the winter scenery of Kyoto wearing kimono made of warm colors and materials.
Rental shops may suggest coordination that matches the season or the spot you’re visiting, so if you’re unsure, ask the staff.

How to enjoy kimono rental in Kyoto

The biggest appeal of renting and enjoying kimono and yukata in Kyoto is how they blend in with the elegant cityscape. You can experience something different and special by visiting shrines and temples and strolling through the alleys lined with traditional townhouses while feeling the atmosphere of the ancient capital.
Eating in a kimono and experiencing a teahouse experience are also luxurious experiences unique to Kyoto. Don’t forget to enjoy taking photos. Photos taken in kimono are perfect for memories and sharing on SNS.


Renting a kimono or yukata in Kyoto is a wonderful experience that will make your stroll through the ancient capital even more special.
There are various options for payment methods, but by checking the rental plan and payment method in advance and choosing the method that suits you, you can have a smoother and more enjoyable time. Spend a special day in Kyoto wearing a kimono or yukata.
We hope this article will be useful information for those considering kimono rental in Kyoto. Please enjoy this special time to your heart’s content as you experience the atmosphere of the ancient capital.


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