Kyoto kimono rental recommended shops around Kiyomizu Temple

The area around Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto is a popular spot visited by many tourists from Japan and abroad due to its nostalgic atmosphere and historical temples and shrines. Walking around this area in a kimono or yukata is a special experience.
This time, we will introduce recommended kimono rental shops around Kiyomizu Temple. By using the rental service at carefully selected shops, including Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine Store, you can make your stroll around Kyoto even more attractive.

Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine store

“Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine Branch” is in the perfect location when visiting the Kiyomizu Temple area.
We offer a wide variety of kimonos and a comfortable dressing service that will satisfy all our customers. The staff’s courteous customer service and advice on choosing a kimono are also highly praised. It is a privilege unique to this shop that you can walk around the ancient capital wearing a beautiful kimono immediately after visiting Yasaka Shrine.

Other recommended shops

Kimono Rental Miyu

We offer a wide variety of kimonos, from the latest trends to traditional designs, and are especially popular among young women. Professional hair styling is also available, so it’s recommended for those who want a total look.

Kyoto kimono curtain

Suitable for families and couples, kimonos for small children are also available. You can choose a uniform kimono for your group, making it perfect for commemorative photos.

Hanakotoba Kimono Rental

We offer careful advice tailored to each person’s body type and preferences. You can choose your kimono carefully in a quiet and relaxing store.

Proposal for a walking course

We especially recommend the walking course that starts with Kiyomizu-dera Temple and continues to Yasaka Shrine, Gion, and the Philosopher’s Walk. By visiting these places wearing a kimono, you will be able to experience Kyoto’s history and culture more deeply.
Also, each rental shop will give you maps that are useful for walking around and recommendations for photo spots, so please take advantage of them.

Tips when using

Utilizing advance reservations

Popular shops and holidays are especially crowded. By making an online reservation in advance, you can reduce waiting time and make the most of your time.

About belongings

Even a small bag can carry your valuables and essential items. Many rental shops offer temporary luggage storage services, so you can enjoy your walk empty-handed.

Comfortable shoes for walking in kimono

Zori sandals and geta are nice, but for long walks it is important to choose ones that will put less strain on your feet. Some shops offer zori sandals with designs that are easy to walk in.

The charm of Kyoto in kimono

Traveling around Kyoto wearing a kimono offers a completely different experience than just admiring the scenery. The unique charm of kimono rental is that you can experience the traditions and culture unique to Kyoto while feeling the changing seasons closely.
In addition to the area around Kiyomizu Temple, there are many other attractive spots in Kyoto that you would want to visit wearing a kimono. Why not enjoy your own special Kyoto stroll using the shops introduced this time as a starting point?


Renting a kimono around Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto will make your walk around Kyoto special. Each shop, including the Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine branch introduced in this article, provides services tailored to various needs, and promises an unforgettable experience for everyone who visits.
You can choose a kimono and receive styling suggestions that take advantage of the characteristics of each shop, so even first-timers can enjoy kimono rental with confidence. In addition, photos with world-class beautiful scenery such as Kiyomizu Temple and Yasaka Shrine in the background will be wonderful mementos of your trip.
Kimono rental in Kyoto offers new discoveries and special experiences for everyone who visits. Find the perfect kimono for you at rental shops near Kiyomizu-dera Temple, including Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine Store. The time you spend in the beautiful scenery while feeling the history of Kyoto is sure to be unforgettable. Enjoy a more comfortable kimono walk by making advance reservations and using these tips.


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