If you want to rent a kimono for a short time in Kyoto, Gion is the place to go.

A kimono rental guide will give you advice on how to enjoy a short but special time in Kyoto. We will introduce you to all the charms of walking around Gion in kimono. Enjoy a wonderful moment while immersing yourself in the atmosphere of Kyoto.

Fully enjoy the charms of Kyoto and Gion in a short time

Renting a kimono in Gion is the best way to experience Kyoto, even if you only have a short time. Let’s spend a momentary yet intense time in Gion, a city with a rich history and traditional culture. The unique point of Gion is that you can fully experience the charm of Kyoto in a short amount of time. At Waplus Kyoto, we offer a “Morning Rental (Short Time) Plan” that allows you to fully enjoy Gion in a short amount of time, so please take advantage of it.

Short sightseeing in stylish kimono

If you want to enjoy a special feeling that can only be experienced for a short time, we recommend choosing a stylish kimono. At Waplus Kyoto, if you choose a stylish and unique kimono from the range of rental kimonos offered by our expert staff and walk around Gion, you are sure to attract attention from people passing by. You can have a memorable experience even in a short time.

A special moment in Gion, Kyoto in the early morning or evening

Even if you only have a short time, visiting Gion in the early morning or evening will give you an even more special atmosphere. The calmness of the morning and the mysterious scenery of the evening look even more beautiful when you wear a kimono. Since your time is limited, we recommend enjoying the different faces of Gion.

Kyoto/Gion gourmet tour in kimono

Even though it’s only for a short time, I want to enjoy Gion’s delicious food! For such people, we recommend going on a gourmet tour while wearing a kimono. You can enjoy traditional tea and Japanese sweets at the famous Saryo and Machiya cafes. Even if it’s only for a short time, let’s imprint the taste of Kyoto on your tongue and heart.

Gion shopping experience in kimono

If you want to enjoy some shopping in a short amount of time, Gion’s traditional shopping streets are the perfect choice. By walking around in a kimono, you will have more interaction with store staff and will have a more special shopping experience. Make the most of your souvenir selection during your short stay.



Wouldn’t you like to have a short but fulfilling stroll through Gion by renting a kimono in Kyoto? Ideas for enjoying special moments enhance the charm of a short time.


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