Kimono rental recommended walking course to enjoy autumn leaves around Gion

The best part of walking in kimono in Kyoto is the moment when the beauty of Japanese clothing harmonizes with the seasonal scenery. In particular, the beauty of the area around Gion is even more striking during the fall foliage season. Here, we will introduce recommended walking courses where you can enjoy a special time in a kimono while visiting famous spots for viewing autumn leaves.

Feel the autumn in Gion, Kyoto: Start to an area with beautiful autumn leaves

Gion is one of the most popular tourist areas in Kyoto, and it becomes even more beautiful in the fall. When you start renting a kimono, first choose an area around Gion with beautiful autumn leaves as your starting point. The scenery of traditional buildings and autumn leaves is a beautiful sight unique to Kyoto.

Thinking about Kyoto’s history: Visiting Yasaka Shrine

Around Gion, there is Yasaka Shrine, which is rich in history and culture (Waplus Kyoto is also located at Yasaka Shrine). During the autumn leaves season, the temple grounds are beautifully colored and create a mystical atmosphere. Visiting Yasaka Shrine while wearing a kimono and thinking about history will be a special time that will remain in your heart.

Stroll to Chion-in Temple, a famous spot for autumn leaves: The beauty of Japanese clothing matches the scenery

If you’re visiting in a kimono, we also recommend taking a stroll to Chion-in Temple, a famous spot around Gion. Especially during the autumn leaves season, when the leaves are at their peak of beauty, the kimono and scenery match perfectly. Please take your time and enjoy the environment where the beauty of Japanese clothing stands out even more.

Take a break at Hanamikoji: Dotted with stylish cafes and stores

If you want to take a break during your walk, we recommend Hanamikoji. There are stylish cafes and traditional Japanese sweets shops dotted around the area, where you can enjoy a break. Enjoying tea in Japanese attire while admiring the scenery of autumn leaves is a luxurious experience typical of Kyoto.

Finishing off around Mizudera: Enjoy the beautiful sunset view

At the end of your walk, enjoy the beautiful sunset around Kiyomizu-dera Temple. The autumn leaves are illuminated and the city of Gion is enveloped in a magical atmosphere. It’s a wonderful moment in Gion at sunset, where you can enjoy the beauty of a kimono and the autumn leaves at the same time.



The kimono rental walking course where you can enjoy the autumn leaves around Gion is a special plan that allows you to feel the harmony between the beautiful scenery unique to Kyoto and Japanese clothing. Enjoy a luxurious day dressed in kimono while enjoying the charm of autumn leaves.


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