5 reasons to rent a Kyoto kimono and go to Gion

A kimono rental experience in Kyoto creates special memories for everyone who visits. In particular, the Gion district, full of the atmosphere of the ancient capital, is one of the best places to stroll around in a kimono.
In this article, as someone who works at a kimono rental shop in Kyoto, I will introduce 5 reasons why you should rent a kimono and visit Gion. Please enjoy the cultural experience that kimono brings along with the beautiful scenery of Gion.

Harmony with traditional townscape

Gion is one of the areas in Kyoto that retains a particularly traditional atmosphere. Its cobblestone alleys, townhouses, shrines and temples are even more beautiful when you wear a kimono. Walking around in a kimono will make you feel like you have stepped back in time and have a special experience.

Gion cultural experience

Gion is also known as a place where the culture of Geisha and Maiko is alive and well. By walking around Gion wearing a kimono, you can get closer to the culture. Also, when you eat at a teahouse or restaurant, wearing a kimono will give you a more special atmosphere, and you will be able to feel closer to the traditional beauty of Japan.

Plenty of photogenic spots

Gion has many photogenic spots such as Yasaka Pagoda and Hanamikoji. Photos in kimono are perfect for not only posting on SNS, but also for special commemorative photos. You will be able to leave a special piece of your own.

Interaction with local people

Wearing a kimono makes it easier to get friendly reactions from the locals. In particular, Gion is a place that is visited not only by tourists but also by locals. Walking around in a kimono can also be a natural opportunity to interact with local people.

Convenience of kimono rental

There are many kimono rental shops in Kyoto, especially in the Gion area, which are conveniently located. These shops offer a full range of services, from dressing you up to selecting accessories, so you can easily enjoy the kimono experience. In addition, after you have finished your day wearing kimonos, you can simply return them to the shop, making it easy to enjoy traditional culture.


Walking around Gion in a kimono is not only a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also a valuable experience that allows you to feel closer to Japanese tradition and culture. Harmony with the traditional townscape, deepening cultural experience, taking commemorative photos at photogenic spots, interacting with local people, and the convenience of kimono rental are reasons why kimono rental is highly recommended when visiting Gion. is. Experience the charm of Gion more deeply and create unforgettable memories through kimono.
When walking around Gion, there are cobblestone streets that can be unstable at times, so it is important to choose tabi and sandals that are easy to walk on. You can also spend your time comfortably by choosing kimono according to the season. Choose a kimono made of cool material in the spring and fall, a breathable yukata in the summer, and a warm material in the winter.
Renting a kimono and walking around Gion is a great experience for solo travelers, couples, friends, and families. There are many different styles of kimonos available at various shops, so find the kimono that suits you and take a leisurely stroll through the streets of Gion. By walking through the traditional streets of Gion in a kimono, you will be able to experience Kyoto’s history and culture more deeply.
We hope this article will be helpful when visiting Gion. Enjoy walking around in a kimono to your heart’s content while taking in the beautiful scenery of Kyoto.


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