Recommended antique kimono coordination at Kyoto kimono rental store

An antique kimono that will turn your stroll through Kyoto into a special experience. Its unique texture and historical weight blend perfectly with Kyoto’s good old atmosphere.
We, who work at a rental shop in Kyoto, would like everyone who visits to feel the charm of antique kimonos, so we would like to introduce recommended coordination. Please enjoy the coordination that is sure to make you look more attractive as you walk through the streets of the ancient capital.

The charm of antique kimonos

Antique kimonos are characterized by unique designs and colors that were created in conjunction with the historical background. The texture that develops over time has a depth and flavor that new kimonos don’t have. Also, since it is a one-of-a-kind item, you can enjoy your own special kimono.

5 recommended coordination choices

classical modern

– Kimono: An antique kimono with a deep blue color and small flower patterns.
– Obi: Nagoya obi with geometric patterns woven in blue on a white background
– Accessories: Coral colored obijime and beaded obijime for a modern accent.

elegant retro

– Kimono: A pale pink kimono with classic peonies and running water patterns.
– Obi: A heavy-duty black obi with gold thread woven into it.
– Accessories: Use a golden obijime to emphasize the gorgeousness

A bitter Japanese taste

– Kimono: A plaid kimono in muted colors.
– Obi: Keep it simple with a plain dark blue half-width obi
– Accessories: Wooden obidome and brown leather sandals deepen the Japanese flavor.

bright casual

– Kimono: A bright yellow kimono studded with small red flowers.
– Obi: Bright red half-width obi for a pop impression
– Accessories: Add a sense of fun with a white wickerwork bag and red flower hair ornament

The ultimate in classical beauty

– Kimono: A deep green kimono with a classic crane and pine pattern.
– Obi: A gorgeous obi woven with gold thread.
– Accessories: Pair it with a golden obijime and a traditional patterned hairpin for a classic, prestigious look.


Renting an antique kimono and strolling around Kyoto offers a deep cultural experience that goes beyond mere sightseeing. Try out our recommended coordinations, from classically modern to elegant retro, cool Japanese style, bright casual, and the ultimate in classic beauty.
With the story behind each kimono and the beautiful scenery of Kyoto as a backdrop, you will be able to create unforgettable memories. Why not find the perfect antique kimono for you at a kimono rental shop in Kyoto and stroll through the streets of the ancient capital? I hope this article will be helpful for your Kyoto stroll.


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