Cost-effective kimonos that don’t look cheap, taught by the staff at a Kyoto kimono rental shop

Renting a kimono in Kyoto offers a special experience that blends beautifully with the cityscape and temples and shrines. However, choosing a high-cost kimono that doesn’t look cheap while keeping your budget in check is an important point for many visitors.
We, who work at a rental shop in Kyoto, would like to share some tips on how to choose a value-for-money kimono that is both quality and beauty while staying within your budget. Please refer to this article and find a kimono that will enrich your walk around Kyoto.

Points to consider when choosing a cost-effective kimono

Focus on the material

We recommend kimono made of polyester as it is a luxurious yet affordable material. It is less prone to wrinkles than natural materials, and has bright colors and beautiful patterns.

Choose a classic pattern

Classic patterns that are loved over time are elegant and luxurious. Also, depending on how you wear it, classic patterns can give you a modern or old-fashioned look, making them useful in a wide range of situations.

Use accessories to make a difference

The impression of a kimono can be greatly changed by accessories. By selecting high-quality accessories such as obijime, obiage, sandals, and bags, you can upgrade your overall look.

Think about color matching

For color matching, we recommend a combination of calm colors. A well-balanced color scheme that is neither too flashy nor too plain creates a sense of luxury.

Select your rental plan wisely

Various rental plans are available depending on the rental shop. It is important to compare plan contents and choose a plan with good cost performance.

Recommended coordination examples

elegant classic pattern

A kimono with small white and gold flowers scattered on a deep navy blue background. The obi is simple but has a presence of gold, which emphasizes the sense of luxury.

modern casual

Pairing a bright green kimono with a black and white geometric obi obi creates a casual yet sophisticated look. Choose a modern design for the obi clasp.

Japanese modern style

By combining a calm-colored kimono with a modern-designed obi, you can create a style that combines Japanese and modern styles. For accessories, choose simple and modern designs to create a sense of unity. For example, by choosing sandals with a sophisticated design or a bag in a chic color, you can tighten up your overall impression.

Tips for enjoying a walk in Kyoto in a cost-effective kimono

Early reservation

Popular shops and kimonos may get booked up quickly. In order to ensure that you rent a kimono with good cost performance, it is important to make reservations early.

Aim for weekdays

On weekends and holidays, there are many people, and the rental fee may be higher. If possible, you may be able to rent at a more reasonable price by aiming for weekdays.

Show your personality with accessories

Even if you choose a simple kimono, you can make it unique with accessories such as obijime, obiage, and hairpin. Make yourself feel special by enjoying your own style.

Consult with shop staff

If you are having trouble choosing a kimono, please consult the shop staff. Our experienced staff will suggest the best coordination within your budget.


When renting a kimono in Kyoto, it is important to find a cost-effective option. By wisely choosing materials, patterns, color combinations, and rental plans, you can enjoy a luxurious kimono style even within your budget. It is also important to differentiate yourself by using small items and accessories.
We hope this article will be helpful in making your stroll through Kyoto even more enjoyable. Enjoy the charm of ancient Kyoto to the fullest with a cost-effective kimono that doesn’t look cheap.


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