Kyoto kimono rental shop popular for antique kimonos

If you want to rent an antique kimono in Kyoto, you’ll want to choose a shop with a good reputation. Antique kimonos are attractive for their unique texture and historical background, and blend perfectly with the good old atmosphere of Kyoto.
In this article, we will introduce rental shops in Kyoto, including Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine store, which is popular for its antique kimonos. As a staff member at a rental shop who is knowledgeable about kimonos, we will tell you the points to consider when choosing a shop that will truly satisfy your customers. Make your walk around Kyoto even more special with a wonderful antique kimono.

Recommended kimono rental shop

Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine store

– Features: We have a wide selection of antique kimonos that give you a feel of the comfortable breeze of Kyoto. In particular, there are many kimonos with patterns and colors that evoke the changing times, and they never cease to fascinate visitors. The staff’s courteous service and deep knowledge of kimonos are also well-received.

Other kimono rental shops

Kyoto Kimono Rental Bibi

– Features: We have a wide variety of antique kimonos, from traditional patterns to modern designs. At Bibi, we strive to select kimonos that match each customer’s individuality and preferences, and we are especially popular among young women.

Kimono rental Hana Kotoba

– Features: We value the original beauty of kimonos and provide carefully maintained antique kimonos. Hana Kotoba’s kimonos are unified in muted colors and have an elegant lineup perfect for adult women.

Kimono rental Kyoto Komachi

– Features: We are known for selling especially unique and rare patterns among antique kimonos. Kyoto Komachi invites you to a wonderful experience of exploring Kyoto with special kimonos that you won’t find anywhere else.

Kimono rental Rental Kyo

– Features: Our appeal is that we offer antique kimonos of high quality at reasonable prices. Rental Kyo is a shop that is especially recommended for customers who value cost performance.


When renting antique kimonos in Kyoto, it is important to choose a shop with a good reputation.
There are many shops in Kyoto that offer unique antique kimonos, including Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine Store. The secret to enjoying your Kyoto stroll even more is to understand the characteristics of each shop and find the kimono that suits your tastes and style. Each piece of antique kimono is steeped in history, giving the wearer a unique charm. Also, by consulting with shop staff, you may discover new attractions that you were not aware of on your own.
Renting a kimono in Kyoto is a valuable experience that not only allows you to enjoy a beautiful kimono, but also allows you to experience the harmony between Kyoto’s cityscape and temples and shrines, and come into contact with traditional Japanese culture. Why not visit a Kyoto kimono rental shop that is famous for its antique kimonos and spend a special day just for you?


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