Kyoto Kimono Rental: Popular coordination from recommended shops around Shijo, Kyoto

The area around Shijo, Kyoto is an area that combines the good old scenery with a modern atmosphere. Renting a kimono here has become an essential activity for many visitors to experience the charm of Kyoto more deeply.
We, who work at rental shops in Kyoto, will introduce recommended shops around Shijo and popular coordinations there. The kimonos you can find at these shops will make your stroll through Kyoto more colorful and unforgettable.

Recommended kimono rental shops and popular outfits around Shijo, Kyoto

Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine store

– Popular coordination: A feminine style with a pale pink kimono and a deep red obi. Her obijime is accented with gold to add elegance. It’s a soft yet gorgeous outfit that makes you feel the arrival of spring.

Kyoto Kimono Rental Miwa

– Popular coordination: A beautiful indigo kimono with a white and blue striped obi for a refreshing style. A cool and refreshing outfit perfect for summer in Kyoto.

Kimono Rental Arashiyama Komachi

– Popular coordination: In autumn, combine a calm purple kimono with an orange obi reminiscent of autumn leaves. The result is a warm style that makes you feel the change of seasons.

Kimono rental Yume Kyoto Shijo store

– Popular coordination: A deep green kimono paired with a white snowflake-patterned obi is recommended for winter. It expresses the quiet beauty of Kyoto in winter.

Coordination points

Cherish the sense of season

Each of Kyoto’s four seasons has its own charm. By choosing colors and patterns that match the season, you can enjoy Kyoto even more at that time of year.

How to choose accessories

The impression of a kimono changes greatly depending on the obijime, obiage, and accessories such as sandals and bags. Choose seasonal accessories to match your outfit.

Cherish your individuality

Choosing a kimono is an opportunity to express your individuality. The most important point is to choose a kimono that you really like.


Kimono rental around Shijo, Kyoto is the best option to enjoy the charm of the ancient capital. Recommended shops such as Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine store offer beautiful coordination for each season, making your stroll through Kyoto even more enjoyable.
By leveraging the characteristics of each shop and finding your own style, it will be an unforgettable experience for everyone who visits. Enjoy a special day with the history and natural beauty of the ancient capital as a backdrop by renting a kimono around Shijo, Kyoto.


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