Rent a Kyoto kimono at Togetsukyo Bridge, enjoy the autumn leaves and the sound of water!

If you want to have a special moment in Kyoto, Togetsukyo Bridge, where the autumn leaves and the sound of water harmonize together, is the perfect place. Here, we will introduce recommended courses and points that will give you the ultimate Kyoto experience around Togetsukyo Bridge. Why not enjoy the autumn leaves and the beauty of kimono at the charming Togetsukyo Bridge?

Famous autumn foliage spots around Togetsukyo Bridge: Enjoy the unique scenery of Kyoto

The area around Togetsukyo Bridge is dotted with famous autumn foliage spots unique to Kyoto. Especially in the autumn season, you can see the beautiful scenery of the autumn leaves reflected on the river surface and Togetsukyo Bridge. Rent a kimono and enjoy a walk surrounded by the unique scenery of Kyoto.

View from Togetsukyo Bridge: The beautiful scenery of Kyoto spreads out

The view from Togetsukyo Bridge is a great spot to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kyoto in each season. Especially during the autumn leaves season, the banks of the river and the mountains on the opposite bank are colored in a variety of colors, making them look even more beautiful. Wear a kimono and enjoy the scenery from Togetsukyo Bridge.

Togetsukyo Walking Course: A charming road steeped in history and culture

The walking course centered around Togetsukyo Bridge is an atmospheric path steeped in history and culture. You can feel the unique atmosphere of Kyoto while touring traditional teahouses and old townscapes. Enjoy a luxurious moment that will make you feel like you have traveled back in time by walking around in a kimono.

Night view of Togetsukyo Bridge: Lighted up creates a fantastic atmosphere

At night, Togetsukyo Bridge is lit up, creating a magical atmosphere. The autumn leaves reflected on the river surface give off a magical glow, making a night stroll even more romantic. Visit Togetsukyo Bridge at night wearing a kimono and enjoy the fantastic scenery.

The sound of water at Togetsukyo Bridge: A pleasant moment with the sound of the river

At Togetsukyo Bridge, the murmuring of the river makes a soothing sound. While crossing the bridge in a kimono, you can feel the sound of water and the beauty of autumn leaves at the same time. Experience a luxurious moment that resonates with nature with a kimono rental in Kyoto.



A Kyoto kimono rental walk at Togetsukyo Bridge is a luxurious time surrounded by the autumn leaves and the sound of water. Come and try this ultimate Kyoto experience.


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