How to find optional services and great deals at kimono rental shops in Kyoto that are recommended for couples

A trip to Kyoto is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the historic landscape and culture of the ancient capital. It is especially popular to rent a kimono or yukata and stroll around the city. For this reason, there are many kimono rental shops in Kyoto, but there are some that offer special services and great deals for couples.
In this article, we will introduce recommended kimono rental shops in Kyoto and provide information on how to find optional services and great deals.

Enjoy a walk in Kyoto at Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine store

If you want to rent a kimono in Kyoto, please consider Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine store.
This store carries a wide variety of kimonos and yukatas, and also offers special plans for couples. The store is clean and comfortable, and the friendly staff will provide you with attentive support, so you can enjoy your kimono with peace of mind.

Take advantage of optional services

By using optional services when renting a kimono, you can enjoy a more comfortable stroll through Kyoto.
For example, at Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine branch, you can use professional hair styling and kimono dressing services. Kimono dressing services are especially convenient for beginners and those who don’t have much time. Be sure to take advantage of our optional services to walk around the streets of Kyoto in a beautiful kimono.

Tips for finding great deals

When renting a kimono in Kyoto, you can save money by choosing a great deal.
For example, Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine store offers a variety of discount plans, including an early bird discount plan and a couple discount plan. You can get even better deals by making reservations in advance, so it’s important to choose your rental plan wisely. We also recommend taking advantage of affiliated discounts with nearby tourist spots and restaurants.


Renting a kimono in Kyoto is a wonderful experience that allows you to enjoy the scenery and culture of the ancient capital more deeply. Strolling around Kyoto as a couple is sure to be a romantic and memorable time. In order to make the most of such a special time, it is important to choose the appropriate kimono rental store, take advantage of optional services, and advantageous plans.
“Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine Store” provides wonderful services that meet all of these requirements, so please give it a try. A wonderful experience of walking around the streets of Kyoto in a beautiful kimono awaits you.


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