Introducing recycle shops that sell at high prices, from how to choose a purchase to what to be careful about!

If you purchase a kimono or yukata when visiting Kyoto, but you don’t have a chance to wear them after returning home, one option is to consider purchasing them. However, in order to get a high price, it is important to choose the appropriate recycling shop.
In this article, we will introduce thrift shops that buy at high prices, including how to choose what to buy and things to keep in mind.

How to choose a recycle shop

Confirm reliability

To choose a reliable recycling shop, check the reviews, reputation, years of business, etc. Reputable shops tend to perform proper appraisals and buy at fair prices.

Assessment method

There are various assessment methods. There are options for in-person appraisals at stores and appraisals by mail, but choose the method that suits you best. Also, compare the cost and effort required for appraisals, such as free appraisals and delivery kits.

fees and expenses

Expenses such as purchase fees and shipping fees may apply. Be careful if the fees are high or unclear. If possible, choose a shop that clearly states their fees.

Comparison of purchase prices

It is important to compare purchase prices at multiple thrift shops. There can be differences in purchase prices for the same item, so by getting appraisals from multiple shops, you can increase your chances of getting a higher price.

Recycle shop that buys at high prices

Antique Art Sano Shoten

This is a long-established antique art store that has been operating in Kyoto for many years. We handle kimono, obi, accessories, etc., and are characterized by careful appraisals and purchases at high prices.

Purchasing specialist Recycle Life

We are a store that specializes in purchasing kimonos, Japanese accessories, old cloth, etc. We are known for our thorough appraisals and fair pricing.

Kimono purchase center Kyoto store

We are a store specializing in buying kimonos mainly in Kyoto. The advantage is that we can handle a wide range of items and there are no appraisal fees or travel expenses.


In order to buy kimono and yukata at a high price, it is important to choose a reliable recycle shop. Choose the appropriate shop by considering various factors such as appraisal methods, costs, and comparison of purchase prices.
The above-mentioned recycle shops are highly reliable and have a reputation for purchasing at high prices, so please use them as a reference.


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