How to choose a store when renting Shichigosan in Kyoto

For children who participate in Shichi-Go-San events when visiting Kyoto, walking around wearing a special kimono will be a wonderful memory. However, when renting a Shichi-Go-San kimono, it is important to choose the appropriate store.
In this article, we will explain in detail how to choose a store when renting Shichi-Go-San in Kyoto.

Points to consider when choosing a store when renting Shichigosan in Kyoto

Quality and design confirmation

Shichigosan kimonos are worn on special occasions, so quality and design are important. Check the quality and design of the store you choose in advance. Check to see if they offer kimonos that match your child’s tastes and themes.

size options

Make sure they offer kimono sizes that are appropriate for your child’s age and body type. Choosing the right size will help you feel more comfortable and take better photos.

Availability of optional services

Check to see if optional services such as dressing and hair styling are provided. On your special day, you can rest assured knowing that your hair will be professionally dressed and styled.

Compare prices and plans

Compare prices and plans from multiple stores. Choose a store with good cost performance, taking into account not only low prices but also the services and accessories provided.

Recommended Shichi-Go-San rental stores in Kyoto

Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine store

– Features: We offer a wide variety of Shichi-Go-San kimono and yukata, available in a wide range of sizes from children to adults. We also provide professional dressing services, so you can rent with confidence.


– Features: We offer high quality Shichi-Go-San kimonos at affordable prices, and we also have a wide variety of matching designs for parents and children. We also offer a wide range of optional services, making it perfect for your special day.

Kyoto Rental Kimono Hall

– Features: We offer Shichi-Go-San kimonos in a wide range of designs and sizes, and are made from high-quality materials. Optional services such as dressing and hair styling are also available, so you can spend the whole day comfortably.


When renting Shichi-Go-San in Kyoto, it is important to choose the appropriate store by considering quality, design, size options, optional services, price and plan comparisons, etc.
The stores listed above are highly reliable and provide Shichi-Go-San kimonos that meet a wide range of needs, so you can enjoy rentals with peace of mind. Enjoy a wonderful kimono experience suitable for your special day.


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