3 recommended shops when renting Shichigosan in Kyoto

Renting a kimono or yukata is essential when exploring Kyoto. Therefore, I would like to introduce three recommended shops carefully selected by me, who works at a rental shop in Kyoto.
We offer a wide range of products, from traditional patterns to the latest designs, and welcome our customers with comfortable service.

Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine store

“Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine Store” is conveniently located in the center of Kyoto, close to Yasaka Shrine.
In addition to renting kimonos, we also provide careful dressing and hair styling, so even those wearing kimonos for the first time can use them with confidence. We have a wide selection of products, ranging from traditional patterns to modern designs. It is especially suitable for sightseeing and photography around Yasaka Shrine.

Kyoto Kimono Rental Hinata

“Kyoto Kimono Rental Hinata” is a rental shop with friendly staff and a homely atmosphere.
We provide our customers with the best experience with careful dressing and hair styling. The store is stocked with gorgeous yukatas and elegant kimonos, allowing you to enjoy the typical Kyoto atmosphere. Our prices are reasonable and we are particular about quality, which has earned us the support of many customers.

Kimono Rental Hanabi

“Kimono Rental Hanahi” is a rental shop known for its sophisticated atmosphere and high-quality kimonos.
We have a wide variety of kimonos with stylish designs and high-quality fabrics, and are especially recommended for those who are particular about fashion. Our kimono dressers are highly skilled and will suggest styles that match your individuality and preferences. It is ideal not only for sightseeing and commemorative photos, but also for events such as weddings and parties.


To enjoy your stroll in Kyoto even more, we recommend renting a kimono or yukata. These three recommended shops welcome customers with a wide selection of products and courteous service, allowing you to fully enjoy the unique atmosphere of Kyoto.
Please spend a memorable day wearing your favorite kimono and taking in the wonderful scenery of Kyoto.


Author of this article


Waplus Yasaka Shrine store staff

Ayana Ogawa

We would like to help many customers smile through kimono rental.
I love spending time listening to customer requests and proposing kimono coordination and deciding on hair styles!
I am particularly good at hair styling, so please leave it to me to create the currently popular feminine hair.
I'll make it look cute!
My hobbies are music, movies, and shopping!
Please come and visit Waplus Kyoto!
We will suggest cute coordination!