Let’s walk around Kyoto in a yukata and wear it for a cheap price!

If you want to experience the atmosphere of the ancient capital of Kyoto, it is common to wear a kimono or yukata and walk around the city, but some people may find the rental fees expensive.
Therefore, we will show you how to bring your own yukata and just ask to be fitted. As someone who works at a rental shop in Kyoto, I will explain how to enjoy walking around in yukata at a reasonable price.

What is Yukata Stroll?

In order to enjoy walking around in yukata, there are a few points to keep in mind.
First of all, when renting a yukata or kimono, we recommend making a reservation in advance. It can get crowded, especially during the tourist season and when events are held, so making a reservation will help ensure a smooth process.
Secondly, it may take some time to put on your yukata or kimono, so it is important to leave in plenty of time. You can rest assured if you have the support of a professional kimono-dresser, but if you decide to dress yourself, it is a good idea to practice beforehand.
Furthermore, while strolling in yukata, it is important to not only visit Kyoto’s famous sights and sightseeing spots, but also enjoy the local scenery and cityscape. While strolling around, you can experience the charm of the ancient capital even more by experiencing the seasonal features and local culture.

What is bringing-in kimono?

There are several advantages to choosing to bring your own kimono.
First of all, you can use your favorite yukata or kimono. You can enjoy walking around Kyoto even more by wearing clothes that you care about, such as a memory of a special day or a cherished kimono inherited from your family.
Another attractive feature of bringing your own kimono is that you can save on rental fees. By bringing your own yukata or kimono, you won’t have to pay rental fees. Especially if you are planning a big event or a kimono walk with a group, you can save money and have economic benefits.
The steps to use the bring-your-own kimono service are as follows.


Before requesting kimono dressing, you must make an appointment with the kimono dresser in advance. It can get crowded, especially during the tourist season and during events, so be sure to make your reservations well in advance.

Preparation to carry

Bring your kimono, yukata, obi, accessories, etc. By folding and neatly folding your kimono, the dressing process will go smoothly.


Arrive at the kimono dressing location at the reserved time and hand over your kimono to the kimono dresser. The kimono dresser will carefully dress you and create the look of your dreams.

Strolling around

Once you have finished wearing the kimono, you can finally enjoy walking around Kyoto. Enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient capital in unique yukatas and kimonos.

Advantageous tips for strolling around Yukata

In order to enjoy walking around in a yukata by bringing your own and wearing one, it is important to first ensure that the kimono or yukata is clean. Kimonos and yukatas are different from everyday clothes, and if they get dirty or wrinkled, they will be difficult to wear and will not look beautiful. Therefore, we recommend that you wash your kimono or yukata thoroughly and iron them before going for a walk. In particular, keeping obi and accessories clean will improve the overall impression.
Next, it is important to confirm the time and place of kimono dressing in advance. If you wish to bring your own kimono, you will need to reserve the kimono dresser’s schedule and location in advance. Early reservations are recommended, as reservations can be crowded, especially during popular kimono dressing seasons. Also, by checking the location where the kimono dressing will be held in advance, you will be able to access it without getting lost and will be able to plan your walk more easily.
Furthermore, in order to enjoy a good-value yukata stroll, it is important to compare and consider the plans of shops and services. There are various shops and kimono dressing services that offer kimono dressing services, so it is important to compare prices and services and choose the plan that suits you. There may also be special campaigns and discount services, so it’s a good idea to look for deals.


If you enjoy walking around Kyoto in a yukata while wearing it, you can enjoy a memorable trip at a great value. Enjoy the atmosphere of Kyoto at a low price by using your own yukata or kimono.
Please prepare in advance and enjoy a pleasant stroll.


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