If you rent a kimono near Kyoto Station, getting there and back will be easy!

When visiting Kyoto, it is a wonderful experience to wear a kimono or yukata and enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient capital. To enjoy such a special experience more conveniently, we recommend renting a kimono near Kyoto Station.
Here, as someone who works at a rental shop in Kyoto, I will explain the benefits and usage of kimono rentals around Kyoto Station.

Convenience around Kyoto Station

Kyoto Station is the center for tourists visiting Kyoto and has excellent transportation access. Therefore, by renting a kimono near Kyoto Station, it is very convenient to get there and back. Various means of transportation are available, including the Shinkansen, JR, and subway, so you can rent a kimono to suit your sightseeing plan.

Various rental plans

Kimono rental shops around Kyoto Station offer a variety of rental plans. From half-day rentals to full-day rentals and even multi-day rentals, we have a wide variety of plans to suit your needs.
There are also a wide variety of kimono types and designs, so you can choose one that suits your taste and situation.

Rental shop support

At kimono rental shops around Kyoto Station, professional staff will carefully fit you into the kimono. Even first-timers can wear a kimono with confidence, allowing them to enjoy walking around Kyoto even more.
You can also rent hair sets and accessories when dressing up, so you can enjoy Kyoto in an even more glamorous way.


Kimono rentals around Kyoto Station are convenient to get to and from, and there are a variety of plans and support available.
For tourists, we recommend renting a kimono as a way to make your stroll around Kyoto a more special experience. Enjoy a luxurious time walking around the beautiful streets of Kyoto in a kimono.


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