We recommend a couple date from Kawaramachi!

The Kawaramachi area is one of Kyoto’s most representative downtown areas, and is dotted with many spots perfect for couples’ dates.
Here we will introduce 10 recommended spots for couples’ dates starting from Kawaramachi. Enjoy the charm of Kyoto to the fullest while creating wonderful memories.

Recommended date spots in Kawaramachi area


The Gion area, which is just a short walk from Kawaramachi, is full of traditional townscapes and stylish restaurants. In the evening, we recommend taking a stroll around Hanamikoji and Yasaka Shrine.

Yasaka Shrine

Yasaka Shrine, located in the Gion area, is beautiful when lit up at night. It will be a great memory to stop by and make a wish during your date.

Shijo Kawaramachi

The Shijo Kawaramachi area is a busy downtown area, and there are many shops where you can enjoy shopping and gourmet food. We also recommend eating at stylish cafes and izakayas.


The Kamogawa River, just a short walk from Kawaramachi, is a great place to relax at riverside restaurants and cafes. The scenery lit up at night is romantic.


Shinsenen, located in a corner of Gion, has a beautiful garden and tea room, and has a quiet atmosphere. It’s a perfect place for couples to take a leisurely stroll.


The Hanamikoji area has a retro atmosphere and is lined with stylish cafes and souvenir shops. It’s perfect for strolling around during the day.

Nishiki market

Nishiki Market, also known as the kitchen of Kyoto, has a wide selection of fresh ingredients and souvenirs. It’s fun to go around eating as a couple while enjoying the local flavors.

Kyoto National Museum

The Kyoto National Museum, which houses cultural assets and works of art, is the perfect place for couples to experience the depth of culture. Special exhibitions are also held regularly.

Karasuma Oike

The Karasuma Oike area, located in the center of the downtown area, is home to commercial facilities and department stores. There are many ways to enjoy yourself, such as shopping and watching movies.

kyoto tower

Kyoto Tower, which is easily accessible from Kawaramachi, has an observation deck with a beautiful night view. It is lit up at night and you can enjoy a romantic atmosphere.


The Kawaramachi area is located in the center of Kyoto and has many spots perfect for a date as a couple.
From historical landmarks to stylish shops and delicious gourmet food, there are many places you can enjoy together, so be sure to make some wonderful memories.


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