The reason why the yukata dressing plan is so popular

When visiting Kyoto, wearing a kimono or yukata and enjoying the atmosphere of the ancient capital is a great experience, but some people find the rental fees expensive. A popular option for such people is the plan to bring your own yukata.
Here, as someone who works at a rental shop in Kyoto, I will explain why this plan is so popular.

You can use your own yukata

The bring your own yukata dressing plan allows customers to bring their own yukata. This allows you to use your favorite yukata.
You can walk around Kyoto wearing a yukata with special memories or your favorite design, giving you a more unique experience.

Save money on rental fees

With the bring your own kimono dressing plan, the yukata rental fee may be much cheaper than the regular rental plan.
By bringing your own yukata, you can save on rental costs, so you can enjoy exploring Kyoto on a budget. This is especially beneficial for long-term stays and large groups.

Enjoy your own style

With the kimono dressing plan, you can wear your own yukata, so you can enjoy your own style. By walking around Kyoto wearing a yukata that reflects your tastes and personality, you can have a more satisfying experience.
Also, by communicating your wishes and requests when dressing, you can create a style that suits you even more.


The yukata dressing plan is popular because it allows you to use the yukata you already have, save on rental fees, and enjoy walking around Kyoto in your own style.
Enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient capital in your own yukata and have a wonderful and unforgettable experience.


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