We recommend renting a Kawaramachi kimono for a couple date!

Kimono rentals in the Kawaramachi area, central Kyoto, are perfect for a romantic couple date. You can spend a wonderful and memorable time with your partner while enjoying the atmosphere of the ancient capital.
Here, as someone who works at a rental shop in Kyoto, I will introduce why I recommend kimono rentals in Kawaramachi and recommended spots for dates.

The charm of kimono rental in Kawaramachi

By renting a kimono in the Kawaramachi area, you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient capital that is unique to Kyoto.
Strolling around in a kimono amidst the historic streets and traditional buildings will make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time. Also, a kimono date for couples is sure to be a wonderful experience that will further deepen your relationship.

Date spots around Kawaramachi

There are many spots in the Kawaramachi area that are perfect for a date.
For example, walking in places with historic townscapes and beautiful streets, such as Gion and Pontocho, is even more enjoyable when you wear a kimono. Also, a meal or tea at a traditional tea house or restaurant would be a wonderful date.

Key points for a kimono date in Kawaramachi

The key point when enjoying a kimono date in Kawaramachi is that reservations can be crowded. Many people use kimono rentals, especially during the tourist season and on weekends, so advance reservations are recommended.
You can also create an even more stylish impression by choosing accessories such as footwear and bags to match your kimono.


Renting a kimono in the Kawaramachi area is a wonderful experience that allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient capital in the heart of Kyoto.
A kimono date for couples can be a wonderful and memorable time for both of you. The area around Kawaramachi is full of historical spots and beautiful scenery, and walking around in a kimono will be even more enjoyable. Please plan a kimono date in Kawaramachi for your special day.


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