What should I wear when going to kimono rental?

Renting a kimono or yukata in Kyoto is a special experience for many tourists.
In this article, as someone who works at a rental shop in Kyoto, I will introduce in detail the appropriate attire for kimono rentals. We would like to share with you some key points to help you have a comfortable and enjoyable stroll around Kyoto.

Tips on what to wear before renting

When going to a kimono rental shop, many people are probably wondering what kind of clothing is best. Please keep the following points in mind when deciding what kind of clothing you should wear.

Clothes that are easy to take off

When changing into a kimono or yukata, it is convenient to wear clothes that are easy to take off.
In particular, it is best to avoid clothes that fall over your head and tight pants. Instead, we recommend the following clothing:
– Front-opening shirts and blouses: Easy to put on and take off with buttons, making changing clothes a breeze.
– Loose pants or skirts: Easy to move around in and easy to put on and take off.

How to choose innerwear

Underwear is required under a kimono or yukata, but what kind should I wear? Please note the following points.
– Camisoles and tank tops: Especially recommended in hot weather, and it’s best to choose thin ones.
– Wide inner collar: An inner collar with a wide open collar is convenient because it is difficult to see through the kimono.

shoes and socks

While kimono and yukata are worn with special zori sandals and geta, choosing shoes on the way to the rental shop is also important.
– Sandals or slip-ons**: Easy to put on and take off, and also smooth when changing clothes.
– Socks and stockings: They also protect your feet when wearing sandals or geta. Don’t forget to bring socks, especially if you wear tabi socks.

Clothing tips for each season

It is also important to choose clothes according to the season. Choose appropriate clothing according to Kyoto’s four seasons.

spring and autumn

Spring and autumn have a mild climate, making them the perfect seasons for walking around in kimono.
However, it can get cold in the mornings and evenings, so be sure to wear the following clothing.
– Thin cardigans and jackets: Easy to carry and useful for protection from the cold.
– Leggings or thin tights**: If you’re concerned about the cold, it’s a good idea to wear these as an inner layer.


It can get very hot in the summer, so choose cool clothing.
– Clothes made of breathable materials**: Choose clothes made of breathable materials such as linen or cotton for comfort.
– Hat and sunscreen: On days when the sun is strong, protect yourself from sunburn by wearing a hat and sunscreen.


Kyoto is cold in winter, so you need to take measures to protect yourself from the cold.
– Heattech or thick innerwear: Wear warm innerwear to protect yourself from the cold.
– Thick socks and tights: Your feet tend to get cold, so it’s a good idea to wear thick socks and tights.

Other things to bring

There are also some items that are useful to bring with you when you go to kimono rental. Having these items on hand will make your stay even more comfortable.

small bag

It’s a good idea to bring a smaller bag, as large bags won’t go well with your kimono.
In many cases, you can leave your luggage at a rental shop, but it is convenient to pack only the things you need.

folding umbrella

It’s a good idea to bring a folding umbrella in case of sudden rain.
It is especially necessary during the rainy season and when the weather is unstable.

hydration drink

You’ll be walking around a lot while sightseeing, so it’s a good idea to bring a drink to keep you hydrated.
Frequent hydration is especially important in hot weather.


In order to enjoy kimono and yukata rental in Kyoto comfortably, it is important to prepare in advance. Make sure to wear clothes that are easy to take off, wear appropriate innerwear, and choose clothes that are appropriate for the season.
You can also make your walk even more comfortable by preparing a small bag, a folding umbrella, and a drink to keep you hydrated.


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