Look great on SNS on your school trip! A tourist spot in Kyoto where kimonos fit well/Yasaka Koshindo

For those who want to turn their school trip in Kyoto into a special and memorable experience. Here, we will introduce the kimono rental experience at Yasaka Koshin-do, one of Kyoto’s representative tourist spots where kimonos are a staple on school trips, as well as recommended spots in the surrounding area. Capture wonderful moments at Yasaka Koshindo, where tradition and fashion coexist.

History and characteristics of Yasaka Koshindo

Yasaka Koshindo is a temple located in the beautiful scenery of Higashiyama, Kyoto, and is home to a unique history and culture. Known as a temple of the Koshin faith, the stone steps and unique atmosphere attract visitors. Feeling the history while wearing a kimono here will be a great event for your school trip.

Enjoy visiting Koshindo in kimono

At Yasaka Koshin-do, the Koshin pagoda and stone steps create a beautiful scenery. By visiting the shrine in kimono, you can create a special moment by combining the sacred atmosphere with stylish coordination. Let’s take photos that will look great on SNS with your kimono that shines in natural light.

Charms and points of kimono rental

Kimono rental in Kyoto has a wide variety of designs and plan options. You can also enjoy the fun of finding the perfect one at the rental shops around Yasaka Koshindo. Here, we will introduce the appeal of kimono rental and the points to consider when choosing one.

Stylish spots around Yasaka Tower

The area around Yasaka Koshindo is dotted with delicious Japanese sweets shops and traditional teahouses. In addition to wearing a kimono and touring Koshindo, you can also visit some of the stylish spots in the surrounding area to expand the fun of your school trip.

Tips for enjoying a school trip with kimono rental

Finally, we will introduce some tips and advice to make your kimono rental school trip even more enjoyable. It will be a fulfilling experience as you will learn how to coordinate according to the season and weather and how to use fun accessories.



A school trip to Yasaka Koshindo in Kyoto is a wonderful time where tradition and fashion harmonize. Create an unforgettable moment that will look great on social media by renting a kimono at Yasaka Koshindo.


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