Recommended spots for school trips! A hidden gem in Kyoto where you can wear kimono/Keage Incline

If you want to make your school trip in Kyoto even more special, there are some hidden spots you can visit wearing a kimono. Here, we will focus on the Keage Incline, one of Kyoto’s representative sightseeing spots where kimonos are a staple on school trips, and we will introduce you to the charms of this little-known spot where Kyoto-like scenery and stylish kimonos harmonize.

The charm and history of Keage Incline

Keage Incline is a little-known tourist spot where Kyoto’s typical scenery and history intertwine. This place, which used to be a slope, is attractive with its brick buildings and retro atmosphere, and when combined with the sight of people wearing kimonos, it creates a special atmosphere that seems to transcend time and space.

Retro slope walking in kimono

The slopes surrounding the Keage Incline are characterized by a retro atmosphere, and go perfectly with kimonos. Strolling here is a great chance to take stylish photos while feeling the good old days of Kyoto. The harmony with the surrounding scenery and antique buildings creates a memorable moment.

Around Keage Incline, full of attractions

There are many things to see around the Keage Incline. It is dotted with observation points where you can enjoy beautiful scenery and historical buildings. You can spend a special time wearing a kimono while visiting these spots.

Recommended points for kimono rental

In order to enjoy a kimono stroll at a little-known spot, it is important to know the recommended points for kimono rental. We will introduce how to choose a rental store and ideas for coordination that match the season. Enjoy Kyoto’s hidden gems in your own style.

Hidden cafes and souvenir spots

Lastly, we will introduce some hidden cafes and souvenir spots around the Keage Incline. Spending time in a stylish space and choosing local specialty souvenirs will make your stay in Kyoto even more fulfilling.



A school trip to the Keage Incline is sure to allow you to enjoy a slightly different charm of Kyoto. Wear a kimono and spend a special time at a hidden spot.


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