Recommended spots for school trips! A hidden gem in Kyoto where kimonos fit well/Kenninji Temple

If you want to make your school trip in Kyoto even more special, there are some hidden spots you should visit while wearing a kimono. Here, we would like to introduce Kenninji Temple, one of Kyoto’s hidden tourist spots where kimonos are a staple on school trips, and a unique experience of wearing kimono in this place where history and tranquility coexist.

History and formality of Kenninji Temple

Kennin-ji Temple was founded in the Heian period, and has a long history and high status. This temple is located in the quiet mountains, and although it is a little-known spot with few tourists, it has a prestigious atmosphere. By wearing a kimono in a place like this, you can experience a sense of unity with Kyoto’s history.

Harmony between kimono and Kenninji Temple

The lush green grounds and stately architecture of Kenninji Temple go perfectly with kimonos. The beautiful nature of each season and the sight of a kimono photographed alongside historic buildings is a landscape unique to Kyoto. You can enjoy the moment when the majestic atmosphere of Kenninji Temple and the kimono harmonize.

Highlights of Kenninji Temple in Kimono

Kennin-ji Temple has a lot to see, including gardens, Buddhist statues, and a tea room. You can experience history while walking around in a kimono. Walking around Kenninji Temple while wearing a kimono while feeling the beautiful scenery and historical atmosphere will make it even more worthwhile.

Key points for kimono rental

In order to enjoy your kimono stroll at Kenninji Temple even more, there are some points to keep in mind when renting a kimono. We will explain the points you should keep in mind before renting, such as choosing patterns and colors that match the characteristics of Kenninji Temple, and choosing footwear that is comfortable to walk in.

How to enjoy after sightseeing

The area around Kenninji Temple is dotted with cafes and traditional souvenir shops where you can enjoy after sightseeing. We will also introduce spots where you can spend some relaxing time after a peaceful time at Kenninji Temple.



Kenninji Temple is known as a hidden gem in Kyoto, and its formal atmosphere makes it special for visitors dressed in kimono. Enjoy the unique elegance of Kyoto by walking around in a kimono at Kennin-ji Temple, which is filled with tranquility and a scent of history.


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