A stopover spot for school trips! A cafe where you can wear kimono/tea and sake Tasuki Shinpukan

If you are looking for a special moment to brighten up your school trip in Kyoto, we recommend Tea and Sake Tasuki. Here, we will introduce “Tea and Sake Tasuki Shinpukan”, one of Kyoto’s popular cafes where kimonos are a staple on school trips, and suggest a kimono stroll in a place where Japanese taste and stylish atmosphere coexist. To do.

Access and surrounding information to Tea and Sake Tasuki Shinpukan

Tea and Sake Tasuki is located in downtown Kyoto, directly connected to the south ticket gate (exit 4) of Karasuma Oike Station. There are many tourist attractions in the surrounding area. This popular store is perfect for a school trip in Kyoto and is easily accessible from anywhere.

Tea and Sake Tasuki Shinpūkan’s special tea menu

Here you can enjoy a tea menu made with carefully selected Japanese teas and special drinks that change seasonally. Enjoy the traditional Japanese taste and sophisticated atmosphere while wearing a kimono.

Tasuki Shinpūkan’s atmosphere is a fusion of Japanese and modern

The interior design of Tea and Sake Tasuki is a perfect blend of Japanese and modern styles, and it goes particularly well with kimonos. You can spend a comfortable time surrounded by the warmth of wood and a Japanese atmosphere.

Enjoy pairing tea and sake

At Tea and Sake Tasuki, you can also enjoy the pairing of Japanese tea and sake. In between strolling around in kimono, let’s create a Kyoto-like moment with a special drink.

Tea and Sake Tasuki How to enjoy kimono rental at Shinpukan

At Tea and Sake Tasuki, we also rent kimonos, and we will also explain what to be aware of and how to enjoy them. Enjoy a memorable time by choosing a kimono that matches the atmosphere of the store.



Spending time at Tea and Sake Tasuki Shinpukan is a perfect stop for students on a school trip, with its blend of Japanese aesthetics and modern atmosphere. Please enjoy a special time typical of Kyoto with the taste of sophisticated tea and sake.


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