Spots you want to go to in Kyoto for New Year’s kimono rental/Heian Shrine, the capital of the Heian era revived in modern times

“Heian Shrine” will be revived as a little-known spot, perfect for the arrival of the New Year. We will introduce you to a walk in kimono at a shrine that retains a strong Heian atmosphere. Enjoy a special moment where you can feel the harmony of Kyoto’s tradition and modernity.

Access and rental tips for Heian Shrine in Kyoto

Heian Shrine is easy to access from central Kyoto, and it is also perfectly accessible from around Yasaka Shrine, where Waplus Kyoto is located. By checking reservations and crowd conditions in advance, you can smoothly get your kimono and stroll around the shrine to your heart’s content.

History and characteristics of Heian Shrine in Kyoto

Heian Shrine is a shrine that retains strong traces of the Heian period, and its history and characteristics attract visitors. The grounds are filled with architecture and gardens reminiscent of the Heian period, and visitors dressed in kimono can enjoy the timeless atmosphere.

The sacred atmosphere and customs of New Year’s visit to Heian Shrine in Kyoto during the New Year

During the New Year, Heian Shrine is enveloped in a sacred atmosphere. When young women wearing kimono visit the shrine, the atmosphere of the Heian period and New Year’s blessings are fused, creating a special moment of New Year’s visit. The sacred atmosphere and the beauty of kimono are in harmony.

Touring the precincts of Heian Shrine in Kyoto in a kimono and special prayers

Walking around the grounds of Heian Shrine in a kimono, you will be able to see the beauty of the shrine and the prayers of the people who visit it. Particularly during the New Year, prayers celebrate the start of a new year, and wearing a kimono will make you feel that special moment even more.

Beautiful scenery and stylish rest spots around Heian Shrine in Kyoto

Beautiful gardens and scenery spread around Heian Shrine. After admiring the beauty of the temple grounds while wearing a kimono, you can enjoy a special moment while feeling the atmosphere of Kyoto at nearby stylish cafes and rest spots.



Heian Shrine is a shrine in Kyoto that retains the atmosphere of the Heian period. By renting a kimono and visiting, you can spend a special day where tradition and modern beauty intersect. During the New Year, the sacred atmosphere of the shrine and the elegance of the kimono resonate, and you can enjoy a special moment to celebrate the beginning of the new year.


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