Spots you want to go to in Kyoto for New Year’s kimono rental/Yasaka Shrine, close to Gion and perfect for sightseeing

If you want to fully enjoy the charm of Kyoto by renting a kimono, Yasaka Shrine, which is close to the Gion area and has a scent of history and beauty, is the best place. We’d like to introduce you to a special day that combines visiting shrines and walking around in kimono. Celebrate the New Year in the Gion area, where the atmosphere of Kyoto is condensed.

Key points for accessing Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto and kimono rental

Waplus Kyoto is located at Yasaka Shrine in the Gion area. It is easily accessible from central Kyoto, and you can rent a kimono and enjoy visiting shrines.

The history of the Gion area and the charm of Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto

The Gion area is Kyoto’s most vibrant downtown area, and Yasaka Shrine is the centerpiece of it. It is a shrine with a long history, and the vibrant atmosphere of the surrounding area fascinates visitors. Feel the elegance in the area where Gion and kimono meet.

Welcome the new year with hatsumode and kimono

During the New Year, Yasaka Shrine is crowded with many worshipers. By wearing a kimono and visiting the shrine, you can experience the blessings of the new year by combining the solemn atmosphere of the shrine with the beauty of the kimono. Let’s make the moment of New Year’s visit special.

Enjoy the scenery and lucky charms around Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto while wearing a kimono

The area around Yasaka Shrine in the Gion area is full of beautiful scenery and lucky charms. By walking around wearing a kimono, you can enjoy not only the historical atmosphere of the shrine, but also the atmosphere of the surrounding area. Get lucky charms and create special memories.

After visiting Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto, enjoy a stylish meal and rest in the Gion area

After enjoying visiting shrines in a kimono, we recommend having a stylish meal or taking a break in the Gion area. Delicious food and cafes are dotted around the area. You can enjoy the elegance of Kyoto while wearing a kimono.



Visiting Yasaka Shrine with a kimono rental will bring out the history and beauty of the Gion area even more. The solemn atmosphere of the shrine and the scenery of the Gion area while dressed in kimono harmonize to create a special day. Celebrate the new year and enjoy the beauty of Kyoto to your heart’s content by visiting shrines and walking around in kimono.


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