Points to know about kimono rental in Kyoto/Selecting a kimono rental store

Renting a kimono is essential to make your stroll in Kyoto even more colorful. We will tell you about the charm and recommended points of Kyoto kimono rental. Let’s create a special day by introducing useful information on how to choose a kimono and choosing a store.

Comparison of kimono rental menus and plans

Waplus Kyoto offers a variety of menus and plans. Compare and consider plans according to your budget and style to find the plan that suits you best. Choosing from a wide variety of variations will make your kimono look even more appealing.

Check the services and accessories included in the rental price

Kimono rental prices may include various services. Check to see if the set includes hair sets, accessories, sandals, etc. Another important point is the availability of additional options and accessories.

Check advance reservations and store reputation

Kyoto is a very popular tourist destination, so advance reservations are recommended for kimono rentals. You can also choose a reliable store by checking reviews and reputation. By renting from a reliable store, you can enjoy it with peace of mind.

Coordination that matches the type of kimono and season

By choosing the pattern and color of your kimono to match the seasons and events of Kyoto, you can enjoy the atmosphere of Kyoto even more. Be particular about the type of kimono you choose, in order to value the sense of the seasons and enjoy the elegance of Kyoto.

Post-rental support and return procedures

Finally, you should also pay attention to the support and return procedures after enjoying the kimono. It’s a good idea to check the store’s response and after-sales service in case of any trouble. It will be a memorable day with a smooth finish.



Kimono rental in Kyoto is a key item to enjoy your trip and sightseeing even more. Through careful selection and planning, you can fully enjoy the harmony of Kyoto’s beautiful scenery and kimono, and create a special day.


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