Points to know about kimono rental in Kyoto/Points to know when choosing a kimono rental store

For those of you who are planning a kimono stroll in Kyoto, we will tell you how to choose a kimono rental store. Please keep in mind the key points to spend a wonderful day that matches the atmosphere of Kyoto and enjoy an unforgettable kimono experience.

Check the reputation and reviews of the store in advance

There are many kimono rental shops in Kyoto, but you can check their reliability by checking their reviews and reputation. You can choose with confidence by listening to the voices of people who have actually used the product.

Kimono rental plan contents and accessory variations

The plans and accessories offered vary by store. Compare and consider different plans and accessories to suit your budget and style. A wide variety of choices will make your kimono experience even more enjoyable.

Ease of reservation and support after kimono rental

Kyoto is a popular tourist destination, so make sure you can make reservations in advance. The store’s support system is also important. Stores that offer solid support after rental allow you to enjoy your experience with peace of mind.

Types of kimono that can be rented and suggestions suitable for the season

The designs and patterns of kimonos also have a seasonal feel. By listening to the store staff’s suggestions and choosing a kimono that matches the season, you can experience the atmosphere of Kyoto even more. Take advantage of staff advice.

Checking the comfort and ease of walking in the kimono

The comfort of the kimono and the ease with which you can walk around it will affect your comfortable experience. Some stores offer kimono fitting services, but it is still important to check the ease of movement and comfort. Pay attention to these points to enjoy a stress-free stroll.



Choosing a kimono rental store is the key to walking around wearing kimono in Kyoto. Find your ideal store by considering its reputation, comparing plans, and ease of reservation. Enjoy Kyoto’s beautiful scenery and traditions to your heart’s content.


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