Points to know about kimono rental in Kyoto/Flow of kimono rental in Gion

To bring out the best of Kyoto, a kimono walk in Gion is a special experience. Here are some points you should know about the kimono rental process in Gion. Let’s take the steps to enjoy the tradition and atmosphere of Kyoto on the stage of beautiful Gion.

The importance of advance reservations and choosing a kimono rental store

Popular kimono rental shops in Gion are flooded with reservations. It is important to make early advance reservations to choose the ideal store and plan. Choose a reliable store based on reviews and reputation.

Consider the type and pattern of the kimono you want to rent, as well as the seasonality.

Different events are held in Gion each season, and it is important to choose a kimono that matches them. Consult with the store staff and choose a kimono that matches the atmosphere of Gion and the sense of the season.

Trying on kimonos and receiving advice

It is essential to try on the kimono you have chosen. By trying on the kimono and receiving advice from our staff, you can make it even more beautiful. Find your ideal style while feeling the joy of wearing it.

Careful dressing and accessory setting

It is important to wear a kimono and set accessories so that you stand out on the beautiful stage of Gion. Check out the beautiful finish while receiving courteous service from our staff.

Advance research on walking points and photo spots

Gion is full of historical buildings and beautiful scenery. You can research walking points and photo spots in advance and enjoy the harmony of the beautiful background and kimono. Let’s take photos to remember your special day.



Smooth flow and a comfortable experience are key to kimono rental in Gion. Spend a wonderful day enjoying the beautiful scenery of Gion and wearing kimonos while receiving advance reservations, trying on kimonos, and careful care.


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