Rickshaw sightseeing in Gion, Kyoto! Introducing recommended courses and photo spots

Along with kimono rental in Kyoto, we will introduce a special way to enjoy the atmosphere of Gion. We will bring you the charm of enjoying a tour of Kyoto’s famous spots while wearing a stylish kimono and riding a rickshaw. We invite you to enjoy the stylish and traditional scenery and have an unforgettable trip to Gion.

Rickshaw sightseeing to enjoy the atmosphere of Gion, Kyoto in style

A special sightseeing experience that combines kimono rental and rickshaw rides awaits you in Gion. Dressed in a stylish kimono, you can enjoy the unique atmosphere of Kyoto as you ride around on a rickshaw and slowly tour the stone pavements and traditional streets of Gion.

Tour Kyoto and Gion on a recommended rickshaw course

Gion’s rickshaw courses range from those that cover the historical area to those that tour stylish areas such as Hanamikoji and Pontocho. In combination with kimono rental, you can choose a course that suits your tastes and time.

Create memories at stylish photo spots

Get off the rickshaw and capture some memories at a stylish photo spot. Gion, where Waplus Kyoto is located, is full of beautiful backdrops such as Kiyomizu Temple, Yasaka Shrine, and Hanamikoji. You can take pictures of yourself looking stylish in a kimono.

Experience the synchronicity of kimono rental and rickshaw rides

The combination of rickshaw and kimono rental feels synchronized. While feeling the stylish and traditional atmosphere, the sound of the rickshaws and the breeze will make the cityscape of Gion even more vivid. Enjoy a special moment while being surrounded by a pleasant breeze.

Special events and experiences on a rickshaw in Gion, Kyoto

Gion’s rickshaw sightseeing offers plenty of special events and experiences. You’ll be able to get to know Gion more deeply as you tune in to seasonal events and traditional events. Why not experience Kyoto’s culture through a rickshaw experience in stylish Gion?



If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of Gion in style, kimono rental and rickshaw sightseeing are the best options. As you tour along this stylish course, the memories you’ll leave in photos and the special experiences of Gion will make your trip to Kyoto even richer.


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