Points to know about kimono rental in Kyoto/Make-up at home

A kimono stroll in Kyoto becomes part of the beautiful cityscape and tradition. When wearing a kimono, you should also be careful about your makeup. This time, we will introduce the benefits of doing your makeup at home as an important point when renting a kimono. Keep in mind the important points to have a wonderful day.

Make-up adjustment to match the color and pattern of the kimono you are renting

By applying your makeup at home, you can slowly adjust your makeup to match the color and pattern of your kimono. Bring out your own beauty by considering the balance of your makeup to blend in with the Kyoto scenery.

Prepare a hair arrangement that matches the kimono you are renting

Just like makeup, preparing your hair in advance at home will help you get dressed and set your hair at the store more smoothly. It would be a good idea to consider the compatibility with the kimono and try some simple arrangements.

Your makeup will not come off easily before trying on the rental kimono.

Applying your makeup at home before going to the store has the advantage that your makeup won’t come off before you try on the kimono. It takes time to put on and adjust the kimono, so applying a good make-up beforehand will give you peace of mind.

Accentuate with stylish accessories

Once your makeup is done, accent it with stylish accessories. As you walk through the streets of Kyoto, accessories will enhance the charm of your kimono. Wear your favorite accessories and enjoy your own style.

Prepare for photo shoot before renting kimono

Once your makeup is done at home, get ready for your photo shoot. It’s a good idea to think about photo spots and poses in advance to capture a beautiful kimono. You can take a memorable photo.



Renting a kimono in Kyoto allows you to enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere by applying your makeup at home. Please cherish your own beauty and enjoy a wonderful day in Kyoto.


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