Points to know when renting a kimono in Kyoto/You can’t do your own hair

It goes without saying that strolling around the beautiful streets of Kyoto in a kimono is appealing, but one of the most troublesome aspects is getting your hair done. Many people may find this difficult on their own. This time, we will focus on hair styling at the store.

Realize your ideal kimono rental style with professional technology

At a kimono rental shop in Kyoto, professional stylists can help you with hair styling that is difficult to do on your own. You can create an unforgettable day by suggesting arrangements that match your ideal style and season.

Care about harmony with the kimono you rent

When it comes to hair styling, we take into account not only the hairstyle, but also the harmony with the kimono. The store’s staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience and will suggest the best hairstyle to match your kimono. Let’s cherish the beautiful sense of unity.

Value originality

Getting your hair done at a store is not just about following the stylist’s suggestions, it’s also an opportunity to express your own originality. Let’s actively communicate your wishes and ideas and create a wonderful style together.

Organize your images in advance

In order to get your hair done at the store smoothly, it is important to organize your image in advance. Find helpful hairstyles from magazines and SNS, and enjoy communicating with the stylists at the store.

Check about hair set fees and reservations

There may also be an additional charge for getting your hair done at a store. By confirming hair styling fees and reservations in advance, the day will go more smoothly.
Renting a kimono at Waplus Kyoto, including getting your hair done, will be a special experience. Getting your hair done at a store is a great opportunity to utilize professional techniques to achieve your ideal style. Enjoy your wonderful day!


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