When is it better to use a taxi for transportation when renting a kimono?

Walking around Kyoto wearing a kimono is a wonderful experience, but many people may be worried about transportation options. We will introduce you to the cases when it is better to use a taxi for transportation when renting a kimono, as well as some points to help you enjoy sightseeing in Kyoto more comfortably.

Can be moved without compromising the beauty of the kimono

Kimono is delicate and may get dirty or wrinkled while walking. By using a taxi, you can reduce walking distance and travel to your destination while preserving the beauty of your kimono. Taxis are especially convenient in areas of Kyoto where there are many cobblestones and pavements, where footing can be unstable.

For those who want to make effective use of their time

Kyoto is dotted with sightseeing spots, so efficient transportation is required. By using a taxi, you can visit multiple sights within the time limit and make effective use of your kimono rental time. Traveling between sightseeing spots will be smoother, allowing you to enjoy them with more time to spare.

It also serves as a countermeasure against seasons and weather.

Kyoto offers beautiful scenery throughout the four seasons, but depending on the season and weather, it may be difficult to go out in a kimono. To avoid rain, snow, or heat, you can travel comfortably by taking a taxi. The advantage is that it can flexibly respond to changes in weather and temperature.

You can move without worrying about your luggage or accessories.

While sightseeing, you may carry around cameras, valuables, souvenirs, etc. By using a taxi, you can move around in a comfortable space without having to worry about your luggage. You can also enjoy small items and accessories that match your kimono without falling apart.

Survey by interviewing drivers for tourist information

Taxi drivers in Kyoto are knowledgeable about the local area and may be able to give you a variety of information, such as tourist spots and recommended restaurants. Asking the driver as you travel will help you discover more about Kyoto’s charms.
By using a taxi, your kimono stroll in Kyoto will be more comfortable and fulfilling. Please think of it as a means of transportation. Waplus Kyoto can also arrange taxis, so please feel free to ask.


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