If you want to rent a kimono in Gion, Kyoto, be prepared for crowds.

Renting a kimono and strolling around Kyoto’s Gion area is a wonderful experience, but since it’s such a popular area, it can also be crowded. We will tell you how to avoid crowds when renting a kimono in Gion, Kyoto, and tips for smartly walking around in kimonos.

Rent a kimono at an early date

Gion is a popular area that is always crowded with tourists and locals. We recommend renting a kimono early in the morning or early on weekdays to avoid the crowds. Recommended for those who want to enjoy sightseeing spots in a relaxed manner.

Avoid popular seasons when choosing a rental store

Depending on the kimono rental store, the reservation status during busy periods and peak times may vary. Do some research in advance to find less popular dates and times. If you ask the staff when making a reservation, you may be able to find out the timing of a hidden spot.

Consider surrounding areas and avoid crowds

Even if the Gion area is crowded, strolling around the area is also appealing. Beautiful scenery and historic buildings can be found even in places a little far from Gion. Please enjoy a relaxing time while visiting not only popular tourist spots but also hidden spots.

Devising means of transportation in kimono

To avoid crowds, it is best to not only walk, but also use transportation such as bicycles, rickshaws, and taxis. The Gion area in particular has many narrow streets and many pedestrians, so make sure to use your means of transportation wisely to avoid crowds.

Check the crowd trends for each spot before renting a kimono

Before renting a kimono, research the crowd trends at each tourist spot in advance. Famous temples and shrines and scenic spots tend to get crowded, so it’s important to anticipate crowds and plan your visit accordingly.



In order to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery of Gion in kimono, please take precautions against crowds and enjoy Kyoto to your heart’s content.


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