Kimono rental in Gion, Kyoto in spring

With the arrival of spring, kimono rental in Gion, Kyoto promises a special experience. By strolling through Gion wearing a gorgeous kimono during the cherry blossom season, you can feel the unique atmosphere of Kyoto and the beauty of spring. We will focus on kimono rental in Gion, Kyoto in spring, and introduce recommended points.

Feel the beauty of spring cherry blossoms in kimono

Spring is cherry blossom season. Walking around Gion in a kimono will enhance the beauty of the cherry blossoms. Taking photos at cherry blossom tunnels and other famous spots is a great chance to enjoy the unique spring scenery. You can fully feel the arrival of spring in a way unique to Kyoto.

Spring kimono styling ideas

We will suggest ideas for kimono styling that are perfect for walking around Gion in spring. Choose a kimono with a light color or cherry blossom pattern to create an outfit that will make you feel like spring is coming. At Waplus Kyoto, our professional staff will give you fashionable suggestions and advice, so you can enjoy a unique spring style.

Enjoy cherry blossom viewing at famous cherry blossom viewing spots in Gion, Kyoto

If you rent a kimono in Gion in spring, you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing at a famous cherry blossom viewing spot. There are many attractions in the Gion area, such as Yasaka Shrine and Higashiyama Hanatoro. With the arrival of spring, you can enjoy the beautiful moment when cherry blossoms and kimono harmonize.

Enjoy spring-like events and experiences

Special events and experiences held in spring are also a way to enjoy kimono rentals in Gion. For example, take part in spring-like events such as the Spring Gion Festival or experience a tea ceremony in a tea room, and create memories full of the seasonal feel.

Walk freely in Gion, Kyoto in spring with kimono rental

If you rent a kimono in Gion in spring, you can freely walk around the city. Wearing a stylish kimono and walking through the streets of cherry blossoms in full bloom, you can fully experience the unique atmosphere of Kyoto in spring, filled with elegance and elegance.



Renting a kimono in Gion, Kyoto in spring will create special memories as the scenery of cherry blossoms in full bloom harmonizes with stylish attire. Enjoy the beauty of spring-like cherry blossoms, events, and free walks to fully experience the unique charm of Kyoto.


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