Kimono date in Gion, Kyoto is everyone’s dream

“Everyone’s dream is to go on a kimono date in Gion, Kyoto.” Advice from a kimono rental professional in Kyoto for a special day. We will explore the charm of dressing in a kimono and enjoying the beautiful scenery of Gion in a traditional town.

Kimono rental stage: Experience the charm of Kyoto

Kyoto is a city steeped in history and tradition. Among them, Gion is a scenic area suitable for walking around wearing a kimono. A kimono date here is the beginning of a special adventure where you can fully experience the beauty of Kyoto.

The atmosphere of Gion, Kyoto: A romantic date in kimono

Amidst the stone pavements and traditional buildings of Gion, couples wearing kimonos will become one of the main attractions, blending into a timeless and romantic scene. The emotional scenery of Kyoto, combined with the kimono, will make the special date that everyone dreams of come true.

Tips for choosing a kimono: To enjoy Kyoto style

Choosing a stylish kimono is important when going on a kimono date in Kyoto. Waplus Kyoto has a wide selection of kimonos with patterns and designs typical of Kyoto. By choosing according to the season and location, you can enjoy the atmosphere of Kyoto even more.

Recommended spots for a kimono date: Special moments in Gion

Gion is dotted with beautiful gardens and historic shrines. By visiting these spots in a kimono, you can experience the beauty and history of Kyoto. The scenery that changes with the seasons and the special moments created by the kimono are sure to remain in your memories!

Memorable moments from a kimono date: Memories created from the rental experience

A kimono date in Gion, Kyoto, will not only make you feel special throughout the day, but the memories that will be created from the experience will also be important. Photos of you in the rented kimono, social media, and the spots you visited together will become irreplaceable treasures that will remain in your heart.



A kimono date in Gion, Kyoto is exactly what everyone dreams of. Enjoy a special day in Gion, where traditional beauty and modern romance intersect.


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