If you want to rent a kimono as a couple, keep this in mind!

A kimono rental guide in Kyoto will provide you with the key points for a successful kimono date for couples and the information you need to enjoy your special day in the romantic city of Kyoto.

The best part of a kimono date as a couple: Sharing the atmosphere of Kyoto

One of the best parts of renting a kimono as a couple is being able to share Kyoto’s beautiful scenery and traditional culture. The kimonos you have chosen will complement each other, and you will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of Kyoto more deeply as you walk together.

Points to know before renting a kimono: Reservations and seasonal selection

Kimono rentals in Kyoto are very popular, so reservations are essential. It is expected to be crowded, especially during the cherry blossom viewing and autumn foliage seasons, so early reservations are recommended. Choose a kimono that matches the season and blend it with Kyoto’s beautiful scenery.

Stylish couple coordination: Points to consider when choosing a kimono

When renting a kimono as a couple, the key point is how fashionable your outfit is. Couples should choose colors and patterns that go well with each other to bring out each other’s individuality while still harmonizing. The result is a beautiful couple that blends in with the traditional town.

Romantic date spot: Enjoy special moments just for the two of you

Kyoto is full of romantic date spots. For example, research in advance the places you want to visit together, such as Gion’s red-light district, Arashiyama’s bamboo grove, or Ginkaku-ji Temple, and share a special moment in kimono.

Finalizing your kimono date: Make the most of your rented kimono

The best way to end your kimono date as a couple is to make the most of the kimono you rented. Waplus Kyoto also offers plans to request a professional photographer to take photos. By taking beautiful photos, the memories of that day will be treasured for a lifetime. Also, take care of your kimono and return it, so you can cherish the wonderful memories.



A kimono date for couples is a wonderful opportunity to share Kyoto’s beautiful scenery and traditional culture. Please keep these points in mind and enjoy your special day to the fullest.


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