If you want to rent a kimono in Gion, go on a couple date from Kawaramachi.

A kimono rental guide in Kyoto gives advice for couples to enjoy the beautiful city of Gion. Enjoy the charm of Kyoto to the fullest with a special date plan starting from Kawaramachi.

The charm of Kawaramachi: The starting point for a kimono date

Kawaramachi is an area located in the center of Kyoto that is full of shopping and entertainment. By visiting wearing a rented kimono, you can enjoy the city even more. A wonderful moment as a couple begins.

Kimono rental process: Choose a design typical of Kyoto

Waplus Kyoto, which is close to Kawaramachi, has a wide selection of kimonos with traditional Kyoto patterns and modern designs. By choosing the perfect coordination for a couple’s kimono date, you will look even more beautiful as you walk through the streets of Gion.

Stroll to Gion: A fusion of tradition and new culture

As a couple dressed in kimonos head to Gion, they are greeted by an atmosphere that perfectly blends tradition and new culture. The two of you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Gion while walking along Hanamikoji and Miyagawa River.

Stylish cafes and izakayas: Places to make your kimono date even more colorful

Gion is dotted with stylish cafes and izakayas. By visiting as a couple, you can enjoy delicious tea and food while taking in the beautiful scenery of Kyoto. It’s the perfect place to end a special date, where your kimono appearance stands out even more.

Memories of a kimono date: A special day starting in Kawaramachi

A kimono date that starts in Kawaramachi allows you to create special memories as a couple while touring the beautiful scenery and fashionable areas of Gion. Let’s remember your wonderful day in your rented kimono with photos, SNS, and souvenirs.



Your kimono rental date in Gion will be even more special if you start in Kawaramachi. Couples can share the beautiful scenery and traditional culture of Kyoto and leave wonderful memories.


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