Recommended surrounding walking courses for couples to rent kimonos in Gion

A recommended course for couples to enjoy a walk in the beautiful area of Gion, taught by a kimono rental instructor in Kyoto. Create a special day by touring the traditional town in kimono.

The beginning of kimono rental: Start at a store where you can feel the tradition of Kyoto

If you want to start renting kimonos for couples in Gion, you should choose Waplus Kyoto, which has a traditional Kyoto feel. Let’s start a walk, soaking up Kyoto’s history and culture at a store with a landscape that symbolizes the entire city!

Stroll around Gion’s red-light district: Enjoy the romantic atmosphere in a kimono

Gion’s red light district is a romantic area perfect for a kimono date. It has the atmosphere of good old Kyoto and is perfect for a stroll as a couple. The flowers and lights on the street corners make the kimono look even more beautiful.

Yasaka Shrine and Hanamikoji: A place where tradition and fashion come together

Yasaka Shrine and Hanamikoji, right next to the Waplus Kyoto store, are areas where tradition and fashion combine. Couples can share special moments while visiting shrines and shopping at souvenir shops lining the alleys.

Beautiful promenade along the Miyagawa River: Enjoy the waterside scenery while wearing a kimono

The beautiful promenade along the Miyagawa River is recommended for a kimono date in Gion. The waterside scenery and cobblestone streets make the kimono look even more appealing. Couples can have a special time holding hands as they walk leisurely.

Finish off your kimono date: a romantic evening at Hanatoro

Gion’s Hanatouro is illuminated with romantic lights at dusk. If you’re a couple enjoying Gion at night, end your date at a place with this beautiful view. It will be a memorable part of your special day.



A kimono rental date for couples in Gion is a wonderful experience where you can fully experience the tradition and romance of Kyoto while touring the beautiful surrounding spots.


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