Gion, Kyoto is a sacred place for couples to go on a kimono date

A kimono rental instructor in Kyoto tells us how to enjoy a kimono date as a couple in the beautiful area of Gion. Create a special day for couples in Gion, where tradition and romance intertwine.

Beautiful scenery of Gion: A place where Kyoto’s history and culture are alive

Gion is an area in Kyoto with beautiful scenery. Dotted with historical buildings and traditional teahouses, the picturesque landscape will give couples a special atmosphere. Feel the history and culture of Kyoto by walking around this area wearing a kimono.

Kimono rental process: A special outfit chosen by the couple

The kimono you rent is especially important for a kimono date in Gion. Couples can choose a design and color that are suitable for both of them while receiving professional advice from Waplus Kyoto’s staff. The traditional patterns and modern designs typical of Kyoto harmonize with the beautiful scenery of Gion.

Touring famous spots in Gion: Romantic spots for couples to visit

Gion is dotted with romantic spots. By researching the places you would like to visit as a couple, such as Hanamikoji, Yasaka Shrine, and along the Miyagawa River, you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of Gion, where tradition and love intertwine.

Couple Coordination: Styling to brighten up your day

For a couples kimono date in Gion, stylish couple coordination is essential. Choose colors and patterns that go well with each other to complement each other but also harmonize. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Gion as a couple.

Ending your kimono date: A special night to enjoy the night view of Gion

A great way to end your couple’s kimono date in Gion is to take in the night view of Gion as it lights up at night. The rental kimono will be illuminated by the faint light, and you will be able to experience a special time in Gion. It will be a wonderful day that will remain in the memories of the couple.



Gion is a sacred place for couples to go on a kimono date. Enjoy your special day in this area full of tradition and romance.


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