How to enjoy kimono rental in Gion, Kyoto

A kimono rental guide in Kyoto will give you advice on how to enjoy a kimono walk in the Gion area to the fullest. Create a special day while feeling the charm that lives on in tradition.

Important points before renting a kimono: Reservation and design selection

To enjoy a kimono date in Gion, advance reservations are required. Please book your rental well in advance, as it is expected to be crowded, especially during peak seasons and holidays. At Waplus Kyoto, you can choose a kimono that matches the Gion area from a wide variety of designs, making your date even more enjoyable.

Kimono coordination ideas: Stylish couple styling

On a kimono date in Gion, stylish couple styling is appealing. By choosing colors and patterns that go well together and harmonizing while complementing each other, you can create a wonderful couple that harmonizes with the beautiful scenery of Gion.

Strolling spots in the Gion area: Explore tradition and new charm

The Gion area has a wide range of attractions, from traditional sights to spots created by new trends. Enjoy Gion’s beautiful scenery and special atmosphere by adding places you’d like to visit as a couple, such as Hanamikoji near Waplus Kyoto, Yasaka Shrine, and along the Miyagawa River.

Things to keep in mind when going on a kimono date: To have a comfortable day

In order to enjoy a kimono date comfortably, there are some things to keep in mind. By keeping these points in mind, such as wearing shoes that are easy to walk in, choosing a kimono that can be adjusted according to the weather, and taking sun protection in the summer, you can easily enjoy your day in comfort.

Ending your kimono date: A special moment with the beautiful night view of Gion

End your kimono date in Gion with a dazzlingly beautiful night view illuminated by faint lights. Especially during the Hanatoro and Gion Festival periods, there is a magical atmosphere, making it a great place for couples to make memories of their special moments.



A kimono rental date in Gion is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a special day while feeling the tradition and new charm of Kyoto.


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