If you rent a kimono in Gion, you should be particular about your hair style.

A kimono rental instructor will explain the importance of hairstyle for a kimono date in the Gion area. We will tell you some tips on how to enhance your beautiful kimono and spend a wonderful day enjoying the atmosphere of Gion.

Importance of hair styling: Key points to enhance your kimono look

For a kimono date in Gion, the key to making your kimono look even more appealing is your hairstyle. By using popular hairstyles and accessories, you can create a beautiful coordination that harmonizes with your kimono. By being particular about your hair style, you can leave wonderful memories with the atmosphere of Gion.

Hair arrangement that matches the kimono style: Create a traditional atmosphere

A hairstyle suitable for a kimono date in Gion is the key to creating a traditional atmosphere. Choose a hairstyle that goes well with your kimono, such as a Japanese-style arrangement or an odango style, and enjoy the harmony with the beautiful scenery of Kyoto.

Professional hair styling: Use the services of a kimono rental shop

If you want to be particular about your hairstyle on a kimono date in Gion, leave it to the professionals at a kimono rental shop. A professional stylist will suggest a hairstyle that suits you and skillfully arrange it. You can relax and enjoy beautiful hairstyles.

Instagrammable hair accessories: Add a stylish accent

Hair accessories will be a stylish accent for a kimono date in Gion. Make your kimono look even more gorgeous by incorporating traditional accessories such as flower decorations, obi decorations, and hairpins. This will definitely increase the number of photogenic moments.

Care tips: Maintain a beautiful hairstyle even during a kimono date

In order to maintain a beautiful hairstyle during your kimono date in Gion, care is essential. Make sure to carry styling products and hairspray to protect yourself from the wind and humidity. You can always enjoy the atmosphere of Gion in beautiful condition.



By enjoying your kimono date in Gion while being particular about your hairstyle, you can create an even more gorgeous and special moment. Leave it to the professionals at the kimono rental shop and fully enjoy the beautiful scenery of Gion in your own style.


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