Recommended walking courses in Gion where you can rent a kimono and go by car

A kimono rental instructor in Kyoto will suggest a wonderful walking course using a car in the Gion area. We will tell you some tips on how to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kyoto by combining driving and walking while wearing a kimono.

Start the drive: Get into the car in kimono and head to Gion

First, rent a kimono and get into the car in your beautiful kimono. Start from a location with convenient access to the Gion area, and depart while enjoying the scenery of Kyoto from the train window!

Around Yasaka Shrine: Stroll around the shrine surrounded by tradition and history

The area around Yasaka Shrine, right next to Waplus Kyoto, is the first point of your walk in the Gion area. Wear a kimono and walk slowly through the shrine’s beautiful garden and approach, feeling the tradition and history.

Drive along the Kamo River: Enjoy the riverside scenery while wearing a kimono

We also recommend taking a drive along the Kamogawa River and enjoying the beautiful scenery of Kyoto. The cherry blossoms and scenery on the riverbank that you can see from the train window while wearing a kimono are exceptional, and you can enjoy both a walk and a drive at the same time.

Around Hanamikoji: Walking through the stylish shopping street

The area around Hanamikoji is the perfect area to park your car and walk through the stylish shopping street. While enjoying the atmosphere that combines traditional and modern shops, you can enjoy choosing souvenirs and visiting cafes.

Around the Gion Festival Hall: Experience the history and culture of the Gion Festival

Finally, we headed to the Gion Festival Hall area, which is easily accessible by car. Finish your walk in a beautiful kimono while learning about the history and culture of the Gion Festival. Enjoy the Gion area to the fullest while using your car.



When you go on a kimono date in Gion by car, you can enjoy the scenery from the car window while visiting easily accessible spots. Enjoy the luxury of sightseeing in Kyoto by car by combining driving and walking in a kimono.


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