Rent a kimono in Gion, Kyoto and aim for an Instagram photo!

A kimono rental instructor in Kyoto will share some advice on how to take great photos while walking around in kimono in the Gion area. Find Instagram-worthy moments in Gion, which is full of tradition and modern charm.

Kimono styling: Incorporate trends and show off your individuality

When renting a kimono in Gion, be particular about styling your kimono. Create a unique and impactful kimono look with obi obi and accessories that incorporate the latest trends and fashionable style. Bring out the charm that attracts attention on Instagram.

Fusion of tradition and modernity: Coordination that stands out in the Kyoto landscape

The Gion area is a place where traditional scenery spreads out. Coordination that combines tradition and modernity, combined with the beautiful scenery of Gion, creates wonderful photos. Let’s skillfully combine Japanese and Western elements to bring out the charm of Kyoto.

Tour the famous spots in Gion: Check out the Instagrammable spots

The Gion area is full of photogenic spots. Don’t miss taking photos at famous tourist spots such as Yasaka Shrine, Hanamikoji, and around Kiyomizu-dera Temple, right next to Waplus Kyoto. Enjoy photos that blend in with the beautiful background as you tour Gion’s famous spots.

Cherish the sense of the seasons: Express the elegance of the seasons with kimono

The key is to value the sense of the seasons and express the elegance of the season through your kimono. During the cherry blossom and autumn foliage seasons, we take photos that highlight their beauty to the fullest. Capture the charm of each season as an Instagram-worthy moment by renting a kimono in Gion.

Kimono Collaboration Cafe: Have a wonderful moment while visiting stylish cafes

The Gion area is dotted with stylish cafes. You can take wonderful photos in a place where your kimono coordination matches the atmosphere of the cafe. Enjoy a luxurious moment in a kimono with tea and sweets.



Kimono rental in Gion is a great opportunity for those looking for Instagram-worthy photos. Capture the moment when Gion’s beautiful scenery and kimono are in harmony and leave wonderful memories.


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