Enjoy the charm of walking around Arashiyama with a kimono rental that dances in the wind of Kyoto

If you want to make your stroll even more special by renting a kimono in Kyoto, we recommend touring Arashiyama wearing a traditional kimono. Here, a kimono rental professional in Kyoto will introduce in detail recommended spots and ways to enjoy the Arashiyama course. Create wonderful memories while feeling the harmony of Kyoto’s atmosphere and kimono.

Arashiyama scenery colored with kimono – Preparation and coordination points before rental

In order to enjoy your stroll in Arashiyama even more, you should be particular about how you choose and coordinate your kimono. First, we will explain how to choose and make reservations at a rental shop in Kyoto. After that, we will introduce some coordination points you should know before renting, such as how to choose a kimono pattern and color that blends in with the Arashiyama scenery, and how to arrange accessories.
Walking around Arashiyama wearing a kimono will give you a special atmosphere that will make you feel like you have stepped back in time. Take your time to prepare and coordinate before your rental and get ready for a wonderful day in Arashiyama.

Tips on how to choose and make a reservation at a rental shop in Kyoto

In order to enjoy a kimono stroll in Arashiyama, it is important to choose a kimono at a rental shop in Kyoto. By making a reservation in advance, you can be sure to get the kimono and accessories you want. Reservations can be crowded, especially in popular areas such as Arashiyama, so we recommend making your plans well in advance.
Choose the pattern and color of your kimono to match the nature and scenery of Arashiyama. Deep colors and patterns inspired by nature are best suited to landscapes such as Arashiyama’s bamboo forest and Togetsukyo Bridge. Also, if you value the sense of the season and choose colors and patterns that match the season, you can enjoy even more wonderful coordination.

How to choose kimono patterns and colors that harmonize with the Arashiyama landscape

In order to harmonize with the scenery of Arashiyama, the key point is how to choose the pattern and color of the kimono you rent. For example, if you are walking through a bamboo forest, a pattern inspired by bamboo leaves or bamboo nodes would be perfect. By choosing colors that stand out in nature, such as green and brown, you can create a sense of unity with the surrounding landscape.
If you want to match the scenery seen from Togetsukyo Bridge, it would be best to choose a pattern that resembles the flow of a river or the arch of a bridge, or a design that uses the moon reflected on the water as a motif. By adopting these approaches, Arashiyama’s landscape and kimono complement each other, creating a beautiful harmony.

Express your individuality by arranging accessories

When coordinating a rental kimono, arranging accessories is also important. In particular, be creative with the use of accessories to match the scenery of Arashiyama. For example, add personality to your outfit by incorporating accessories that match the theme, such as bamboo earrings or a river-inspired brooch.
The obi-dome and obi-age are also important points. Choosing colorful accessories that stand out in nature will make your kimono look even more appealing. In addition, obi-dome and obi-age with seasonal flowers and leaves motifs are also a wonderful accent.

Combining how to choose a kimono and the arrangement of accessories

In order to enjoy your stroll in Arashiyama even more, it is important to combine the selection of rental kimono with the arrangement of accessories. For example, matching a kimono with a bamboo pattern with bamboo earrings will improve the overall balance by keeping the theme consistent.
We also recommend accessories with flower or leaf motifs to give a sense of the season. Accessories inspired by cherry blossoms for spring and autumn leaves for autumn will further enhance the seasonal feel. By incorporating these accessories in a creative way, you can create a beautiful harmony with the Arashiyama landscape.

Touring famous places in Arashiyama – Enjoy the beautiful scenery from Togetsukyo Bridge to the bamboo forest

To enjoy Arashiyama’s beautiful scenery to the fullest, we recommend taking a specific route to visit the famous spots. Here, we propose a date course that starts from Togetsukyo Bridge, a representative spot in Arashiyama, and goes to Sagano Bamboo Forest, Tenryuji Temple, Arashiyama Monkey Park, and more. By walking around wearing a kimono, you can create a sense of unity with the beautiful scenery and enjoy it even more. Enjoy an unforgettable stroll as a couple while wearing a kimono that blends in with the beautiful scenery.

Togetsukyo Bridge – A beautiful entrance to Arashiyama

If you want to start your tour of Arashiyama’s beautiful scenery, we recommend Togetsukyo Bridge. The scenery is particularly beautiful in the early morning and at dusk, and the scenery is truly spectacular. By walking in a kimono, you can blend in with the scenery of Arashiyama seen from the bridge and feel as if you are walking in a painting.
The scenery reflected on the river surface from Togetsukyo Bridge is beautiful, especially during the cherry blossom season and the autumn leaves season. Couples can hold hands and walk slowly while enjoying the scenery that leads to Arashiyama.

Sagano Bamboo Forest – A green tunnel with a mysterious atmosphere

As you walk from Togetsukyo Bridge to Arashiyama, you will find the Sagano Bamboo Forest. After passing through the bamboo tunnel, you can walk through a bamboo forest surrounded by a mysterious atmosphere. In particular, the texture and color of the kimono stands out against the green bamboo, making you feel as if you have wandered into another world.
Bamboo forests have a tranquil atmosphere, and walking through them gives you a sense of calm. When you walk through the bamboo in a kimono, the sound of bamboo leaves swaying in the wind and the light shining through the branches create a unique beauty. When you go on a date, please come here and enjoy a special time just the two of you.

Tenryuji – A temple with a beautiful garden and history

One of the spots you should visit while strolling around Arashiyama is Tenryuji Temple. Not only is it a historic temple, but its beautiful garden is also one of its attractions. Especially in autumn, when the autumn leaves are beautiful, the scenery is said to be spectacular. Inside the garden, you can enjoy the view of the pond and the flowers that bloom each season, creating a beautiful landscape that harmonizes with the colors of the kimonos.
In addition to strolling through the garden, Tenryu-ji Temple is also known for its stately buildings and historic Buddhist statues. Visiting temples in a kimono will be a luxurious moment where you can enjoy the harmony of history, scenery, and kimono.

Arashiyama Monkey Park – Interact with nature and monkeys

At Arashiyama Monkey Park, you can enjoy interacting with nature and monkeys. This is a place full of nature surrounded by the Arashiyama mountains, where monkeys roam freely and occasionally interact with tourists. In particular, visitors in kimono are as attuned to nature as the monkeys.
Inside the monkey park, you can not only interact with the monkeys, but also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Arashiyama spreading out below. By sharing the same atmosphere with the monkeys while wearing a kimono, you will feel a greater sense of unity with nature, and it will be a wonderful and memorable moment.

A date course where you can enjoy wearing a kimono that blends with the beautiful scenery

We recommend a date course to tour Arashiyama’s famous spots, starting from Togetsukyo Bridge and visiting beautiful spots such as the bamboo forest, Tenryuji Temple, and Arashiyama Monkey Park. By renting a kimono, wearing it, and walking in harmony with the beautiful scenery, you can enjoy a special moment that is a little different from your everyday life.

Tradition and new discoveries – Food and activities in Arashiyama

After enjoying a walk in Arashiyama, be sure to enjoy some traditional local food and activities. Here we will introduce recommended spots in Arashiyama where you can enjoy delicious tea and food. We’ll also show you how to participate in traditional activities and events to better understand Arashiyama’s unique culture and atmosphere. This experience as a couple will be a special memory.

Enjoy delicious tea and food in Arashiyama

Eating in Arashiyama is a luxurious experience where you can sample the local flavors and traditions. The area around Arashiyama is dotted with teahouses and restaurants surrounded by a scenic natural environment. Particularly recommended is the time spent enjoying matcha and Japanese sweets in a tea room surrounded by the greenery of Sagano.


・Matcha experience
In Arashiyama, there are many teahouses where you can experience a tea ceremony. You can experience Japan’s traditional tea culture by enjoying the ceremony of making matcha and its compatibility with Japanese sweets. Enjoy the natural beauty of Arashiyama with a cup of tea while sharing a relaxing moment with your partner.


・Japanese Food Restaurant
The Japanese restaurant, which uses local ingredients, is also attractive. Dishes made with fresh seafood and Kyoto vegetables can be enjoyed alongside the Arashiyama scenery. Particularly at restaurants facing the riverside, dining with the view of the river flowing from the window will make for an even more luxurious experience.

Participate in traditional activities and events

In Arashiyama, you can gain a deeper understanding of the culture and atmosphere by participating in traditional activities and local events. Sharing the experience of Arashiyama in a place steeped in history and tradition will be a special memory for couples.


・Kimono experience
At the sightseeing spots and teahouses around Arashiyama, couples can wear kimonos and walk through the Arashiyama landscape, enjoying an atmosphere that feels like stepping back in time. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of Arashiyama by taking photos and walking around.


・Participating in traditional events
Also try participating in the traditional events and festivals held each season. For example, the cherry blossom festival in spring and the autumn foliage festival are great opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the season with the locals. Couples can get acquainted with Arashiyama’s community and traditions by participating in local events.


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